The Falcon : : #SaveOurStages

Hello Falcon Friends and Patrons,

I hope everyone is safe and as happy as is possible in these surreal times.
Of course we are looking forward to re-opening as soon as it is safe.

As you know, live music venues are in a struggle to survive. The current situation will have a devastating impact on our already endangered performance spaces.

Mike Amari, formerly of BSP Kingston, now with the Bearsville Theater, has connected The Falcon to The National Independent Venue Association which is working across the country to keep small independent performance venues from folding.

We are asking patrons, friends, co-workers, and local supporters to click the button below and communicate your support for #SaveOurStages to your congressional representative.

This form - with a pre-inserted message - auto-emails our local and regional representatives Gillibrand, Schumer, and Delgado, urging them to push for funding that will support our music & art venues during lockdown and recovery.

I wish you well, and hope you are finding time to reflect, to read, to cook, and maybe to learn new skills! I look forward to re-opening and to greeting you all again.

Much Love,
Tony Falco

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