NEW RELEASE FROM GUITARIST LOU VOLPE 11 New Songs and 2 Standards on "Before & After"

If you love music join NYC guitar artist Lou Volpe on his weekly podcast. The "Jazz Cast" will feature interviews from industry insiders, tips on guitar technique (solo style and with a group), composition, some interesting stories about performing and recording with various musical artists and of course Lou's jazz music.

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Release Date: APRIL 01, 2020
UPC Code: 820360192623
1. Up The Road 4:32 (Lou Volpe)
2. Three Rivers 4:34 (Lou Volpe)
3. Coming My Way 3:57 (Lou Volpe)
4. Full Tilt 4:06 (Lou Volpe)
5. Stella By Starlight 6:30 (Shapiro & Bernstein & Co OBO Catherine Hinen Music SONY/ATV Harmony Victor Young)
6. Summertime 2:40 (WC Music Corp OBO Ira Gershwin Music George & Ira Gershwin)
7. Travel Light 4:09 (Lou Volpe)
8. Precious Jewel 4:44 (Lou Volpe)
9. A to Z 5:23 (Lou Volpe)
10. Solar Dance 3:34 (Lou Volpe)
11. Perseguidor De Suernos
(Dream Chaser) 4:21 (Lou Volpe)
12. Double Summer 4:55 (Lou Volpe)
13. Before and After 3:51 (Lou Volpe)

Musicians: guitars & arrangements - Lou Volpe, bass - Stanley Banks, Pete Falbo, Motoki Mihara drums - Buddy Williams percussion - Gary Fritz, John Romagnoll, Richie Morales

Lou Volpe has always been a greatly in-demand guitarist, touring with major singers, appearing on a variety of noted jazz sessions, and paying tribute to Frank Sinatra on his previous recording, Remembering Ol' Blue Eyes.

While the latter featured Volpe on standards, the new Before & After gives him an opportunity to stretch out on 11 of his own originals plus reinvented versions of two older songs. For the very enjoyable project, the guitarist is joined by drummer Buddy Williams, Stanley Banks, Pete Falbo, or Motoki Mihara on bass and Gary Fritz, John Romagnoli or Richie Morales on percussion.

Playing in a bluesy and lyrical style that at times hints at Larry Carlton in his Crusaders days and 1970s George Benson (when he recorded for CTI), Lou Volpe displays his own voice in the soul jazz tradition, creating solos that are accessible yet unpredictable.

On a set that includes "Up The Road" (a modern piece worthy of Pat Metheny), the danceable "Three Rivers, " "Coming My Way" (a joyful strut), the inventive "Travel Light, " and the catchy Brazilian groove of "Perseguidor De Suenos (Dream Chaser), " Lou Volpe is in the spotlight throughout, floating above the irresistible grooves and never running out of fresh ideas. He also makes "Stella By Starlight" and "Summertime" sound like brand new compositions.

A master of the guitar, Lou Volpe has long had his own sound and inventive style, easily crossing over between melodic jazz, danceable r&b and Adult Contemporary music. An important part of the New York music scene, Volpe has been busy throughout his productive career. He toured extensively with Bette Midler, Judy Collins and Herbie Mann, and a list of the other artists whose music he helped uplift includes Chet Baker, the Manhattan Transfer, David "Fathead" Newman, Peggy Lee, Joey DeFrancesco, Les McCann, Terumasa Hino, Lionel Hampton, Chaka Khan, Bo Diddley, Liza Minnelli, Roberta Flack, and Phoebe Snow. He also performed with Herbie Hancock at Lincoln Center.

Following up on his previous recordings (Hear and Now and Remembering Ol' Blue Eyes), Lou Volpe is heard at the top of his game on Before & After, both as a songwriter and as a memorable guitarist.

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