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Dear Friends In Music

The music marketplace and streaming service BandCamp, which serves as MoonJune Records' online shop, will once again forgo its share of sales for a 24-hour period today, Friday, May 1. The initiative will also repeat on June 5 and July 3, and will last from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. PST time on all three days.

BandCamp, which typically collects 15% of sales from digital music and 10% from physical goods, initially experimented with a 24-hour fee waiving window March 20. In the announcement of the three new windows, the company's CEO Ethan Diamond wrote that during the March 20 initiative fans spent $4.3 million on the site, around 15 times the amount spent on a typical Friday.

As the new coronavirus crisis creeps into the third month of widespread closures across the United States with no clear date for a return of live music, and a struggle that affects independent musicians and independent record labels, this more than welcoming initiative for musicians who create the music and independent labels who support the artistic creation.

As many of you already know, besides MoonJune Records, I also run an independent artist booking and management agency: MoonJune Music (Bookings & Management). Both companies are under one umbrella MoonJune, and the company is run by myself, alone. I do not have bosses; neither do I have employees.

Many of you are also aware that there is no longer any money to be made within the business-model framework of the traditional record label company; at least to the point of producing sufficient cashflow to sustain a business. That said, for an independent label dedicated to a stylistic niche genre such as 'progressive', being profitable has always been elusive. Despite just having reached a milestone 100 album releases, less than a dozen of these releases ever made more than enough money to cover the considerable costs of production and mailing out music-critic copies. (... a sad testimony yes but one which reflects the challenges provided by producing such music.)

MoonJune Music (Bookings & Management) is my main business; MoonJune Records barely pays its own expenses on a good month. Indeed, the income I derive from MoonJune Music is what allows MoonJune Records to continue as a functional business entity.

With the recent development and spread of the Corona Virus now having reached 'worldwide pandemic' proportions, MoonJune Music has been profoundly impacted. Numerous shows and entire tours have been cancelled; some of them, suddenly: without warning, after numerous travel and tour-related expenses had already been dispersed, and for which no subsequent payouts or paybacks / refunds could be realized.

2020 was a year that started with great promise. It was slated to be my best year in at least the last decade with a multitude of shows contracted (and others with contracts pending) on five continents. But, my friends, the month of February, spilling over into March, have been devastating to MoonJune. I've suffered the worst setbacks in 20 years of my doing this.

Loss of cash flow and income is not hitting only my company, but most of the artists on my booking roster, also, Without these bookings, I am unable to subsidize my indy record label.

MoonJune Records is asking You for some extra support, which means also support for some of my best friends who happened to be musicians on my label, and whose music I am promoting and still have intention to release this year, despite the very disadvantageous situation. Your support will reflect in facilitating several upcoming releases of extraordinary artists such as MARKUS REUTER, ASAF SIRKIS, MARK WINGFIELD, DWIKI DHARMAWAN, BORIS SAVOLDELLI, BELEDO, DENNIS REA and two iconic progressive bands, SOFT MACHINE and STICK MEN. Production expenses and CD manufacturing can be covered, we all collectively can make little cash, and move forward with our dreams and our duties supporting arts and culture in this challenging times.

Just to mention several project that should be released this year:
* SOFT MACHINE - Live at the Baked Potato (with John Etheridge, Theo Travis, Roy Babbington, John Marshall)
* STICK MEN - Nagoya (with Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Pat Mastelotto and special guest Gary Husband)
* MARKUS REUTER - Oculus (with Mark Wingfield, David Cross, Fabio Trentini, Asaf Sirkis)
* REUTER MOTZER GROHOWSKI - ShapeShifter (with Markus Reuter, Tim Mother, Kenny Grohowski)
* DWIKI DHARMAWAN - Hari Ketiga (with Boris Savoldelli, Markus Reuter, Asaf Sirkis)
* ASAF SIRKIS - no title yet (with Gary Husband, Kevin Glasgow, Mark Wingfield)
* LOST COMMONS - no title yet (a collective project of Boris Savoldelli, Fabio Trentini with Markus Reuter, David Cross, Asaf Sirkis)
* MARK WINGFIELD - Parallel Times (with Jane Chapman, Adriano Adewale)
* MARK WINGFIELD - no title yet (with Gary Husband, Asaf Sirkis)
* DENNIS REA - Giant Steppes (with Dick Valentine, Greg Kelley, Stuart Dempster, Greg Campbell, Don Berman, Juliana Svetlichnaya & PAVA vocal ensemble, Wadim Dicke, Albert Kuvezin, Brian Oppel, Greg Powers, Daniel Zongrone)
* MORAINE - Live In Seattle (with Dennis Rea, James DeJoie, Alicia DeJoie, Kevin Millard, Tom Zgonc)
* NICOLAS MEIER & DEWA BUDJANA GROUP - no title yet (with Jimmy Haslip, Asaf Sirkis, Saat Syah)
* SOFT WORKS - Live In Japan 2003 (with Elton Dean, Allan Holdsworth, Hugh Hopper, John Marshall)
* SIMAKDIALOG - Second Coming, Live in Baltimore (with Riza Arshad, Tohpati, Rudy Zulkarnaen, Cucu Kurnia, Endang Ramdan)

All the above albums are recorded, most of them are already mixed and mastered.

And a few albums still need to be recorded this year to be released between the end of the year and early 2021.
* BELEDO - new studio album (musicians TBC)
* MARKUS REUTER - Truce 2 (with Fabio Trentini, Asaf Sirkis)
* GARY HUSBAND - solo album
* STEPHAN THELEN - Fractal Guitar 2
* SOFT MACHINE - new studio album
And a couple of surprises featuring new moonjunistas from different parts of the world. You can imagine, how challenging is all this, while my whole booking in 2020 is gone with the wind, and who knows when I will be able to books tours of artists on my booking roster such as Nektar, Stick Men, Soft Machine, Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson, Stu Hamm, Gary Husband, Markus Reuter, Jimmy Haslip, Dwiki Dharmawan, Leo Lyon's Ten Years After, PFM, Claudio Simonetti's Goblin, Le Orme, Gong, Jan Akkerman, Alex Skolnick, Phil Manzanera and several others. Some of those bands I book exclusively all around the world, some I represent in specific territories, such as Japan, Asia and Latin America. But with the uncertainty of traveling and with potential new wave of virus in the Fall/Winter, everything is in limbo.

I appreciate Your patience. and check links below, each artist's subpage features multiple releases, digital and physical, and at the check-out You apply the specific discount code in order to get 40% discount, which is ONLY available TODAY, MAY 1. On MAY 2 and MAY 3, the same code will get You 30% discount on published prices.

Greeting from New York City, the epicenter of many things, and now, the world's epicenter of COVID-19.
Stay safe, healthy and sane in this insane world.


MAY 1st, 2020
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