Jazz In Europe Spring 2020 Magazine Now Available.

Welcome to our Spring 2020 edition, or should we say, our "Lockdown" edition. This edition comes to you a little later than expected. We have also felt the brunt of the pandemic with key staff members out of the running due to the virus. However, the magazine is here and I would like to personally thank all those who pitched in (you know who you are) and assisted with the production, we couldn't have done it without you.

In this edition, Fiona Ross penned our lead story; an interview with vocalist Cyrille Aime. Cyrille is very open about working with Broadway legend Stephan Sondheim and touches on a great deal more along the way.

Earlier this month saw the 50th anniversary of the release of Bitches Brew and we take a look at the legendary album's impact. Dave Holland, speaks with Darrell Craig Harris and, of course, also speaks about his time with Miles and his experience working on Bitches Brew.

We hear from Ray Gelato, one of the UK's top jazz entertainers. Erminia Yardley gets the back story. Award-winning pianist, composer and producer, Jason Miles speaks with Jan Veldman and we have a label feature that takes a look at ArtistShare Records. Jan Fritz, introduces his "Vinyl Corner series and interviews Sem van Gelder, founder of the Dutch "Vinyl Temple" Swing Master. Tony Ozuna presents us with a look at the Czech jazz scene from it's origins behind the Iron Curtain to the present day and the making of "A Great Day in Prague".

This edition's photo feature "Behind the Lens" focuses on the work of the British photographer William Ellis and his "OneLP" project.

I hope you enjoy our 7th edition of the Jazz In Europe magazine.

Keep safe and stay well. - Andrew Read, Publisher.

Remember, you can quarantine people BUT you can't quarantine music.

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