As you know, due to the coronavirus all music concerts have been canceled until December 2020. Yet these live performances are the main - and sometimes the only - source of income for many musicians.

Until now governments have not lent them a hand, so we at Jammin'colorS want to create an account to help productive musicians in the United States and Europe every month, until they can once again play concerts.

Jammin'colorS is a management and booking agency for jazz, world, funk, alternative, electro and experimental artists. Established by a passionate team in 2005, we introduce, manage, promote and produce artists; and we provide a platform for an open dialogue between cultures.

Our goal is to find at least 100 people who are willing to contribute with a monthly, automatic debit of 20 € minimum. The money will help musicians survive and continue to create beautiful music for our benefit.

A monthly e-newsletter will be sent to all those who participate in the fund, allowing them to discover new music.
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Please find below the information on the account/Paypal and thank you kindly for sharing this project with anyone you feel might be willing to support musicians.


IBAN: BE50 0018 8479 9118


BANK : Fortis - BNP Paribas
Place Andrée Payfa-Fosseprez 7
1170 Bruxelles


Let's keep the flame of good music alive.

Stefany Calembert

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