Birdeatsbaby release with their new Dark Progressive Rock single and the furious music video for “Box Of Razorblades”

BIRDEATSBABY release with their new Dark Progressive Rock single and the furious music video for "Box Of Razorblades" an ode to hopelessness

n the new BIRDEATSBABY single "Box Of Razorblades" vocalist Mishkin Fitzgerald experiences an all too familiar emotional world of depression, self-harm, alcoholism and bipolar disorder. The lyrics are about the pain of bearing a secret and feeling the need to destroy oneself because of it. Music has been an outlet for this emotion, and this song is a direct reference to that. It is also about falling for somebody you can never be with. "Box Of Razorblades" is an ode to hopelessness. Director Scott Chalmers (Devin Townsend, Fear Factory, 69 Eyes) together with award-winning visual effects artist Oliver Hollingdale (Avengers, Insurgent, Fast And The Furious 7) has produced a furious Dark Progressive Rock music video with impressive camera flights, grotesque landscapes as well as dramatic acting sequences including a voodoo ritual that captivates the viewer in front of the screen:

BIRDEATSBABY's new single "Box Of Razorblades" is now available in these download shops and streaming services: Amazon (DE) | Amazon (ES) | Amazon (FR) | Amazon (IT) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US) | iTunes | Google Play | SMStracks | Spotify | Apple Music | Deezer | Tidal

Produced by legendary John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, HIM) in the Black Needle Noise Emporium Studio in Los Angeles and mastered by Bob Macchiochi (Shades, Baby Grande, Space Jesus), the new masterpiece "The World Conspires", which has been released on October 18th, 2019, through Dr. Music Records, is the beginning of a new phase in the musical development of BIRDEATSBABY, touching the spheres of modern Prog Metal for the first time. The English band is reaching into these new avenues of creative inspiration. During their studies, the flame-haired BIRDEATSBABY vocalist Mishkin Fitzgerald and guitarist Garry Mitchell met and decided to start a thriving musical partnership with a mutual love of dark and progressive music. After a few line-up changes the band has now been completed with Anna Mylee on drums and Hana Maria on violin, cello and harp. Starting out in the Punk Cabaret scene, the sound progressed into an atmospheric, melancholic Prog Rock with Steampunk fragments, which excites with classical orchestral layers, bold guitars and intricate arrangements. The four musicians can always rely on the support of their cult-like worldwide fan community, aptly called 'The Flock'. With their new studio album "The World Conspires", BIRDEATSBABY have now returned with a soundtrack for the soulful, haunting, riotous celebration of life in all its facets and once again tempt new disciples into the spell of their fan cult.

BIRDEATSBABY's extraordinary album "The World Conspires" with its 15 tracks and the artwork of the South American Steampunk cult illustrator Jack Flamel is available worldwide at one of these stores and streaming services: Amazon (DE) | Nuclear Blast | Saturn | Media Markt | Thalia | | Weltbild | JPC | WOM | Grooves | CeDe | Exlibris | Moluna | Amazon (US) | MVD | Amazon (UK) | Plastic Head | Amazon (FR) | Fnac | Amazon (ES) | Amazon (IT) | | | | | | Mercado Libre | HMV | Tower Records | iTunes | Google Play | SMStracks | Spotify | Apple Music | Deezer | Tidal

BIRDEATSBABY's breathtaking balancing act between Dark Cabaret and Dark Progressive Metal can be admired live at the following tour dates:
11.04.2020 GB-London, Unicorn
29.05.2020 DE-Karlsruhe, Kellerhalle
31.05.2020 DE-Leipzig, Sixtina
01.06.2020 DE-München, Glockenbachwerkstatt
05.06.2020 DE-Berlin, Supamolly
08.06.2020 DE-Freiburg, Slowclub
11.06.2020 DE-Bochum, Bastion
12.06.2020 DE-Celle, Ms Loretta
13.06.2020 DE-Bielefeld, Extra Blues-Bar
14.06.2020 DE-Schwalbach, Cowhide

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