Dave Wilson Quartet CD Release Event "One Night at Chris’" @ Chris' Jazz Cafe Thursday, January 30th 8:00PM-12:00AM

What The Press Is Saying About One Night at Chris':
Press Release: The New Dave Wilson Quartet has released their new CD "One Night at Chris'" on Dave Wilson Music! (Release date: 5/27/2019)
One Night at Chris' is the fifth release of The Dave Wilson Quartet, recorded live at the famous Chris' Jazz Cafe 'in Philadelphia, PA in March of 2018. Featuring Dave Wilson - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones; Kirk Reese – Piano (East Coast Legend); Tony Marino - Acoustic Bass (From the Dave Liebman Group); Dan Monaghan – Drums (Legendary Philadelphia drummer); Wilson's Spiral (Summit Records-2010) and There Was Never (ZOHOMusic-2016) were critically acclaimed and received significant airplay nationwide, the latter rising to #18 on the Jazz Weekly countdown. The disc contains 10 tracks, four originals by Wilson and six re-arrangements by/of pop/rock favorites including The Grateful Dead's "Friend Of The Devil", The Beatles' "Norwegian Wood, " Creed's "My Own Prison, "Ambrosia's 1980 hit single, "Biggest Part of Me, " and The Beach Boys' "God Only Knows." Bill Milkowski states in the liner notes of the CD, "savvy adaptations of familiar pop tunes, filtered through a distinctly jazzy prism." And, from Bill Milkowski. "The crackling intensity of One Night at Chris' is a testament to what can happen on the bandstand on any given night. And this was a particularly good night indeed." The recording is a document of one evening of music recorded live, no overdubs, no second takes and with all the nuances, surprises and magic known as Jazz. This past summer the recording was in rotation nationwide, achieved "Chartbound" status (Top 50) on jazz radio, and garnered positive reviews (read further below). It also made WRTI-FM, the leading Jazz Radio Station in Philadelphia, "Jazz Album of the Week", the week of August 26th. One Night at Chris is perhaps Dave's greatest work, yet!

Matt Silver for WRTI Jazz Radio in Philadelphia:
Jazz Album of the Week: It All Comes Together for The Dave Wilson Quartet One Night at Chris's
August 26, 2019. …if the aim is to recreate a sophisticated evening of live jazz in the comfort of your own home, you really can't beat One Night at Chris's, the fifth recording from The Dave Wilson Quartet. Recorded before a live audience at Chris's Jazz Café, Philadelphia's longstanding jazz club par excellence, One Night at Chris's accomplishes all you could want from a live recording: genre-bending covers and bold originals, a fusion of the straight ahead and the slightly more avant-garde, and easy chemistry between a great group of musicians, each of whom are playing at or near their best.

Dick Metcalf (AKA Rotcod Zzaj) /Contemporary Fusion Reviews
Stunning live saxophone jazz The Dave Wilson Quartet – ONE NIGHT AT CHRIS': I first reviewed Dave's stunning live saxophone jazz way back in issue # 106, where he got a "PICK" for "best jazz quartet"… his new album brings you even hipper jazz (if that's possible)… Dave's swingin' original "Ocean Blues", is the opener for the album, and the depth of his talent becomes totally clear… I've no doubt this tune will be getting MAJOR rotations on jazz stations 'round the globe (for years & years to come)!...this new release digs even deeper into the cool that Dave & his players make happen for you… and all the players are just "ON"… if I were on the panels voting for jazz winners, this tune would be nominated & WIN awards.
I give Dave & his players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an "EQ" (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this great jazz release.

From CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher,
"DAVE WILSON QUARTET/One Night at Chris': A protean sax man that can lead his crew through anything, he smokes on originals and covers that you wouldn't think fit the format--but they do. Lively and crackling, they are turned on by the live Philly audience and make sure they heat up the night properly. Tasty stuff that makes you wish you were there.​"

Vittorio Lo Conte,
""It was a good night" and for this simple reason the recording of the concert has now been published on disc. Dave Wilson's quartet is in a state of grace, full of energy, a continuous flow of ideas from one piece to another. Dave Wilson's quartet is in a state of grace, full of energy, a continuous flow of ideas from one piece to another….The disc works to perfection showing how jazz, made by inspired musicians, can engulf material that comes from the world of pop and current rock without giving up the swing."

Dodie Miller-Gould,
The Dave Wilson Quartet mixes things up on "One Night at Chris'"
"…What is noteworthy is the choice of songs that The Dave Wilson Quartet have covered. All of the cover songs are unexpected. Each offers listeners a bit of insight into the style and perhaps the inspiration of the quartet members…The songs included on "One Night at Chris'" have been captured in one take – – no overdubs, no retakes. The result is a recording that crackles with liveliness and a verve that resonates with the traditions of jazz, even when the group is taking on songs that are from rock and pop traditions….

Jim Hynes,
"…This is a great fusion of straight-ahead and exploratory jazz, highly accessible, and packed full of the energy one expects in a live recording."

Joe Ross, Roots Music Report:
"Bands occasionally have a terrible night or encounter the dreaded "gig from hell." On the other hand, well-rehearsed groups also have exceptional nights when everything clicks. The Dave Wilson Quartet experienced the latter when they played Chris' Jazz Café in Philadelphia in March 2018…While the quartet really spotlights Dave Wilson's sax, he and Kirk Reese (piano) trade lyrical improvised expressions, with colorful shading and distinctive twists, in this quartet's very pleasant set of jazz.

Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Top 100 Reviewer:
"Dave Wilson, a prominent jazz saxophonist/band leader/composer/educator in the Pennsylvania area, brings his quartet's recording a sense of immediacy…
Fine sound from fine musicians with the added excitement of a live performance!"

DOUG MACDONALD, Jazz CD News/Reviews: The Audiophile Man:
"…Smooth but still crackling with energy, at ease but still 'on' the occasion, Wilson's mob offers patterns of complexity that dance around the central themes. Playful too –…Clever stuff."

Latest Concert footage on YouTube for the Dave Wilson Quartet: from this same recording, live at the famous Chris' Jazz Cafe 'in Philadelphia, PA.
The Live Album from this date "One Night at Chris'" is out right now!

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Previous (4th) Album Released (2016): "There Was Never" (ZOHO Music)
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Recorded at world renowned Red Rock Studios, Saylorsburg, Pa, it features an all-star lineup of Bobby Avey-Piano, Tony Marino-Bass, Alex Ritz-Drums (members of the Dave Liebman Group), performing six original compositions from saxophonist Dave Wilson plus unique and compelling interpretations of three well-known tunes.

The week of Jan 14th, 2016 it reached #18 in the nation-wide Jazz Weekly Jazz Radio Countdown and stayed in the top 50 for 6 weeks! It was in the top 12 of Philadelphia's WRTI Jazz Radio's New Releases for almost two months, reaching a high of #5, and the cut "Cassidy" was #13 in WRTI'S countdown for the top 100 in 2016. It also had a great review in the February, 2016 issue of Downbeat Magazine.

Dave Wilson's prior (3rd) recording Spiral, featured internationally known personnel, Phil Markowitz on Piano, Tony Marino on Bass, and Adam Nussbaum on Drums, was released nationally on the Summit Records label in June 2010. It garnered national airplay from some 40 stations nationwide, achieved “Chartbound” status in the Jazz Weekly countdown, topping at #51 nationwide, (staying in the 50’s for over 8 weeks), It received many positive reviews including those in national publications Downbeat (3 1/2 stars) and JazzTimes, along with several other publications.

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