Karine Germaix — "Je brūle"

Karine Germaix is thrilled to share the new music video for opening track "Je brūle", excerpt from her forthcoming EP "Incandescence" to be released February 14, 2020.

With the timbre and modulations of her voice, Karine Germaix explores with passion the complexity of the feelings of love. She exposes and reveals the multiple facets of her accordion in a resolutely modern approach. Accompanied by Flavio Maciel de Souza on bass and Didier Fontaine on drums, this unexpected trio frees itself from musical styles. It could be described as original, urban, modern, powerful and capable of cracking the most hardened hearts!

Incandescence will be released in digital and CD formats on February 14 2020. Pre-orders are available here :

Note that the CD is accompanied by limited edition silk screen cards signed and numbered by artist Mickomix. Each of these cards illustrates the songs in the manner of a tarot game. They are available printed with the CD and as high definition files with digital download format.

Karine Germaix

1. Je Brūle
2. L'Apnée
3. Des Mots Crazy
4. Le Pressoir
5. Tout est Dense

February 14, 2020

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