The popular Chicago jazz quartet Bonzo Squad releases There’s Always Tomorrow, an EP filled with fiery rockish grooves.

Bonzo Squad, a quartet comprised of leader-saxophonist Corbin Andrick, keyboardist Andrew Lawrence, bassist Andrew Vogt, and drummer Zack Marks, has long been a popular attraction in Chicago. On their new EP There's Always Tomorrow, Bonzo Squad unleashes rockish grooves that, while infectious, are never predictable.

Performing seven group originals, Bonzo Squad performs ensemble-oriented music during which, as was once said of Weather Report, everyone and no one solos. The opening "83, " which starts with some dramatic and spacey sounds before establishing an irresistible rhythm with keyboards in the lead, is a fine introduction to the group's sound. Vogt's "Remedy" is episodic, switching from catchy funk with strong comments from Andrick's tenor to the feel of a ballad, hinting at Return To Forever before becoming wildly chaotic while remaining coherent and purposeful.

The other selections include the relatively mellow "Empathy, " "Hungry Hungry Hippos" which is driven by Marks' powerful drums, Vogt's lyrical bass solo on "iO" that leads into a particularly hypnotic groove, the triumphant theme of "#Smaeshtag" with its wailing tenor, and the closing vamp "There's Always Tomorrow."

Corbin Andrick and Zack Marks had previously worked together with the funk/soul group Bumpus and on the saxophonist's first two albums as a leader. They were the nucleus of the house band at Lilly's in Chicago in 2014 and soon adding keyboardist Andrew Lawrence and bassist Andrew Vogt. The four musicians enjoyed playing together and Bonzo Squad was born. In 2017 they released their self-titled debut album.

Since then, Bonzo Squad had a weekly engagement at Chicago's Arrogant Frog and displayed their versatility by performing full-length tributes to David Bowie, Prince, Mozart, and Stevie Wonder's Innervisions plus two Christmas productions. The group recently began a weekly residency at AliveOne.

The music of Bonzo Squad has been accurately described as "Comfort in Chaos." Whatever it is called, Bonzo Squad performs thought-provoking and highly original music that is full of passion, intensity, and their own fresh infectious grooves as can be heard throughout There's Always Tomorrow.

Artist Website:
Release Date: DECEMBER 1, 2019

Track listing
1. 83 02:44
2. Remedy 06:43
3. Empathy 01:38
4. Hungry Hungry Hippos 01:58
5. iO 06:12
6. #SMAESHTAG 03:47
7. There's Always Tomorrow 05:29

Corbin Andrick - Reeds
Andrew Lawrence - Keys/Lasers
Andrew Vogt - Bass/Pedals
Zack Marks - Drums

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