Mark Fox - Iridescent Sounds - AllAboutJazz Editor's Pick! "LIVE" Recording at Roxy Broadway in Denver on March 1st!

Saxophonist & African Harpist
Mark Fox
Iridescent Sounds
"Live" Recording
Roxy Broadway - Denver
March 1st - 6-9pm - FREE!

Midwest Record Review
MARK FOX/Iridescent Sounds: A sax cat that's equal part daddio and astral traveler, it's a fusion we never thought of before and we give him props for coming up with it. A wild ride throughout that can skronk down 52nd Street as easily as it can the Milky Way, it's out of the ordinary but easy to get in step with. He made some real impact with his debut but he really takes the gloves off here now that the jazz world has taken notice he's for real. Way out, daddio, way out.
(Humble Genius 1902)

From the cosmos the Eulipion vibration sprung forth on the planet. Beings of light, love and creativity brought new sounds and healing to earth, "a duty-free gift for the traveler." Over the eons, this unique frequency of being has been passed from generation to generation.

Mark Fox is an avatar of this vibration and energy, a "Neulipion" brought into the music world by previous carriers of the light - Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Archie Shepp, Yusef Lateef, Jimmy Hopps, Pharoah Sanders and the like.

"Iridescent Sounds" (Humble Genius Records - released October 4, 2019) is an expression and confirmation of this historic, yet eternally new sound and feeling, that brings an ancient future of love, light, joy, possibility and transformation to the world. The release has gained domestic and international airplay.

At the helm of this cosmic vessel, alongside Mark Fox, is Maestro Todd Barkan, producer extraordinaire, NEA Jazz Master and one of the carriers of the Eulipion torch. The group entered the studio time-machine back in April of 2018 to record Fox's second album as a bandleader, following the global success of his first CD, Mark Fox - "Thee Octaves Above the Sun", recipient of "Best of 2016", by, and extensive international airplay and accolades.
AAJ Best Releases of 2016 - by James Nadal.

"Iridescent Sounds" is a compelling journey into unforeheard realms and dimensions of beauty and grace. Lead by saxophonist/composer Mark Fox, joined by masters Peter Stoltzman on piano, Felix Ayodele on guitar, Troy Robey on bass, Tom Tilton on drums, Daniel Moreno & Jimmy Hopps on percussion and special guest Hugh Ragin on trumpet this CD delivers transcendental music of the highest caliber.
Mark Fox - tenor & soprano saxophones - kamal ngoni
Peter Stoltzman - piano
Felix Ayodele - guitar
Troy Robey - bass
Tom Tilton - drums - percussion
Daniel Moreno - percussion - kamal ngoni
Jimmy Hopps - lap drums - (aka: Jimmi EsSpirit)
Special Guest: Hugh Ragin - trumpet

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