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Jazz saxophonist Jorge Nila didn't know if he was going to make it. His heart was barely functioning and doctors at other hospitals told him the only way to have a chance to fix it would be with a pacemaker and large amounts of medications. Those weren't viable options for Jorge, who wanted to use a plant-based diet combined with exercise to get healthy again. After finding cardiologist Dr. Ed O'Leary at Nebraska Medicine, Jorge transformed himself into the "CardioNinja." Using his preferred methods, along with some help from Dr. O'Leary, Jorge was back doing what he loved - playing the saxophone. And he did it in a way many patients aren't willing to try - by eating right, exercising and nursing his heart back to health.

When it comes to the tenor saxophone, Lester Young is like a great apple tree with every other saxophonist being the fruit that grew from his roots. For the last eight generations, those apples have made for a pretty good pie! My new album, Tenor Time, is dedicated to all the great tenor players that branched from that tree.

We didn't have time to pay homage to everyone, but the guys I have seen and been listening to for years are all here and we are honoring them in a classic organ, guitar, and drums setting: Dexter Gordon (Fried Bananas), Hank Mobley (Soul Station), John Coltrane (On a Misty Night), Wayne Shorter (Infant Eyes), Stanley Turrentine (Rocket Love), Joe Henderson (Inner Urge), Sonny Rollins (Everywhere Calypso), Sonny Stitt (Eternal Triangle), and Harold Vick (Our Miss Brooks).

I've known my good friend Dave Stryker since the mid 70's in Omaha and we've played a lot over the years. He worked with Jack McDuff and Stanley Turrentine and has many records out so I trusted his experience at producing, and playing. He's one of the best at what he does.

Dana Murray and I also go back a ways. We went to the same high school, albeit a few years apart. He is a well- respected drummer, producer, and engineer who worked with Wynton Marsalis in the late 90's into 2000. Dana also has a world class studio at his home, so he not only contributed great drumming to this project but recorded and mixed the session as well.

Mitch Towne and I have played together over the years in many different situations. He has been playing the Hammond B-3 for the last decade, and is one of the top organists in the Midwest. Mitch has a great groove and brought a lot of good things to the session.

I'm honored and happy to work with this great band and pay tribute to the tenor masters on Tenor Time!

Jorge Nila

Jorge Nila, began playing music in Omaha, Nebraska in 1965. After playing on the local scene with his good friend Dave Stryker, he moved to New York City in 1978, where there was a huge renaissance in modern jazz happening. Jorge studied saxophone with George Coleman, and met many great musician/peers. Jorge worked with Eddie Palmieri, Jack McDuff, Paul Simon, the B-52's and many others. In 1990 Jorge Nila returned home to Omaha, and has been helping to keep the flame alive there. He teaches and leads a music program at El Museo Latino in South Omaha - the heart of the cities Latino population. He performs and records with various artists in Colorado, Kansas City, and the Midwest. Jorge's first record "The Way I Feel" came out on Strikezone Records in 2003.

(Ninjazz Records 001)
Street Date: January 4, 2019
JORGE NILA-tenor sax, DAVE STRYKER-guitar,

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