Peter Leitch New Life Orchestra November 30 & December 1 sets 8 and 10pm @ The 75 Club

The jazz guitarist Peter Leitch is pleased to announce his upcoming live appearance at The 75 Club lower Manhattan's new jazz club in Tribeca.

Due to recent health issues Peter has not been able to play the guitar as the result of extreme nerve damage to his nerve plexus on his left arm from radiation and chemotherapy, but is now in recovery writing and conducting new music for his 14 piece New Life Orchestra.

Peter says, "Although I miss the 'in the moment' improvisational aspects, not being able to play an instrument has allowed me to conceptualize music in a larger, more orchestral sense. At the same time, I realize the importance of integrating enough space in the music for these great soloists."

Trumpets: Bill Mobley, Duane Eubanks
Flute: Tim Harrison
Alto/soprano saxophone: Steve Wilson
Tenor saxophone/flute/alto flute: Jed Levy
Baritone saxophone/bass clarinet: Carl Maraghi
Trombone: Matt Haviland*
Bass Trombone: Max Seigel
Guitar: Phil Robson
Piano: Peter Zak
Bass: Yoshi Waki
Drums: Joe Strasser*
(As with all bands, there are occasional substitutions: for this engagement, November 30, John Fedchok replaces Matt Haviland on trombone; Dec. 1, Jason Tiemann replaces Joe Strasser on drums.
On certain pieces the group adds:

Acoustic guitar: Chad Coe
Arco bass: Dennis James

Directed by Peter Leitch. All arrangements by Peter Leitch.
All music composed by Peter Leitch (with the exception of Monk's Round Midnight and Jed Levy's The Minister's Son).

"The New York jazz scene is saturated with great musicians. A lot of them don't get a lot of press, and you don't see them playing in the high profile venues. But they are out there in the trenches and playing on a high level. There wouldn't be much of a New York scene without them. Guitarist Peter Leitch has been out here on the battlefield for a long time. He is the epitome of excellence, always playing great, and never letting the standard drop."
Russell Malone

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