Have You Heard This? Diane Moser "Birdsongs"

Diane Moser's Birdsong Trio

Diane Moser-piano
Anton Denner-flute/piccolo
Ken Filiano-bass

What the press is saying about Diane Moser's Birdsongs"

Troy Dostert All About Jazz (USA)
"…..a superlative, brilliantly- conceived recording."

Brian Zimmerman featured "Song of the Day" JAZZIZ Magazine
The album…creates lush landscapes through delicate brushstrokes and subtle lines, providing ample space for these artists — and the listener — to reflect on the present moment. You'll feel as though you've been transported to your favorite outdoor spot."

Kev Rowland Gonzo Weekly
" Inspiring and inspired, this is a wonderful album for all jazz lovers, as well as those who want to hear music which is both beautiful and transcendent."

Jerome Wilson All About Jazz (UK)
"This CD shows how the sounds of nature can inspire improvisation and be shaped into music of remarkable beauty. It is highly recommended."

Marc Phillips The Vinyl Anachronist
"The more you listen to Birdsongs, the more exotic and original it becomes, which is why it's such a special album."

Kira Gruenberg Downbeat
"Intertwining musical structures with nature's capricious beauty, Birdsongs provides a vivid oasis for those willing to let imagination lead."

Fernando Bonete Vizcaino El Debate de Hoy
"A brilliant work, endowed with a superb inventiveness and imagination."

Dick Metcalf Contemporary Fusion Reviews
"This is some of the most beautiful jazz you'll ever hear…"

Vittorio Music Zoom
"A chamber jazz album that deserves a repeated listening."

Leonid Auskern, Jazz Quad,
"Diane and her colleagues play chamber music, very refined, beautiful and inspired by the breath of wildlife. This, of course, is jazz, and high-end jazz.

Lynn René Bayley The Art Music Lounge
"This music is as great as anything I've heard accomplished by modern classical composers, and in those moments when Moser's playing becomes more forward and more rhythmic, it simply acts as another variant in the ongoing musical discourse."

Robert Bush New York City Jazz Record
"Each musician employs extended techniques on "Dancing With the Sparrows" to evoke the sound of its namesake and when Moser's magisterial theme emerges, one can almost feel like a member of the conversation."

Fiona Mactaggart for doobeedoobeedoo
"Birds have inspired many and disparate composers from Messiaen to Hidden Orchestra, and Moser's Birdsong is a worthwhile addition to the list.This is thoughtfully curated, beautiful music."

Dee Dee McNeil Musicalmemoirs
"This is a stunningly original package of music that celebrates birds in a very jazzy way.
This is a very beautiful production of original music by Diane Moser, capably interpreted by her stellar piano skills and the two talented musicians who accompany her on bass, flute and piccolo."

Bruce Gallanter Downtown Music Gallery
"I felt as if I had been walking in the woods and communicating with the birds. Bravo to the immense amount of work that went into this monumental effort."

Award-winning jazz pianist and composer Diane Moser releases her 7 th CD, Birdsongs, inspired by nature's most lyrical master improvisers—songbirds. Birdsongs combines virtuoso playing, heartfelt originality, and a unique and personal vibe, resulting in music that is exotic yet accessible, like the aural creations of Moser's fine feathered friends. This new album is likely to vault the multi-talented pianist from her longtime local-favorite status into the top tier of national voices to be reckoned with in jazz. On Birdsongs, Anton Denner on flute and piccolo, and Ken Filiano on bass join the pianist in a trio setting to present nine songbird-inspired tunes, including seven originals. Over the past decade, Moser has performed Birdsongs at venues across the country with different instrumentation from solo piano to big band, acoustic to electronic, and everything in between. "The reason I decided on this group with Anton and Ken, to record all of my birdsongs, was to give the music a little more space and lightness, " Moser explains. "I also knew that both Anton and Ken would play sonically in those in-between places that is so much like the songs and calls that birds make, not always an exact pitch, but somewhere in between.

Diane Moser "Birdsongs" (Planet Arts 30174) Street Date: March 1, 2018
Diane Moser-piano, Anton Denner-flute & piccolo, Ken Filiano-bass

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