Matt Panayides: Field Theory NYC Cornelia Street Cafe Sunday, November 25th 8PM

Formed in the Spring of 2018 Field Theory has been performing and creating new music in venues throughout the New York area. Created by composer and guitarist Matt Panayides, it features Matt Vashlishan on wind synth (EWI), Bob Sabin on bass and Mark Ferber on drums. This quartet has been playing together in a variety of configurations and settings for more then a decade. In this project the band explores a more electrified space, with a unique texture formed between the wind synth and the electric guitar. Grounded by the supportive upright bass and enveloped within a cushion of rhythm, this music is alive. The group is excited to be returning once again to Cornelia Street Cafe to debut the project in this unique and beloved space. Over this past summer, Panayides took the compositions and spirit of the group to Asia. He performed this music to packed houses in both Seoul and Shanghai collaborating with a variety of well known local musicians.

Matt Panayides is a modern guitarist and composer. His compelling melodies, compositions and improvisations remain in the listener's mind long after the gig, employing modern harmonies, free and structured improvisations, mixed-meter rhythms and straight-ahead swing. Matt has released two albums featuring his original compositions for quartet, Conduits (2015) and Tapestries of Song (2011).

Matt Panayides: Field Theory NYC
Matt Panayides-guitar/comp
Matt Vashlishan-EWI (wind synth)
Robert Sabin-bass
Mark Ferber-drums

Appearing at

Cornelia Street Cafe
Sunday, November 25th 8pm

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