Belgian outfit Helium Horse Fly to release new album "Hollowed"

Experimental rock, venomous noise music, progressive baroque hardcore, putting a label on this unusual band is no easy task. A crossroads that brings together diametrically opposed worlds and bridges the gap between extremes, led by a female voice at a cross between incantation and lyricism, Helium Horse Fly offers a musical journey that oscillates between tense breathing spells and cathartic violence.

Recorded by Xavier Dromard, produced by Xavier Dromard and Stéphane Dupont, mastered by Brian Lucey (Ghost, David Lynch, Marilyn Manson, ) and illustrated by the disturbing artwork of David McCraven, Hollowed is an uncompromising album that continues to develop the band's singular and spellbinding universe.

The 6 tracks listed on Hollowed depict a surreal, grotesque universe. Strange scenes are featured, in the far reaches of what defines our humanity. The calm is deceptive, the madness latent. Noise rock imbued with contemporary classical music, major cold burns come and pierce these landscapes, leaving irreversible alterations in their wake.

An album to listen to as a unique piece, as a polyptych, as a series of windows open onto a world to which we do not have all the keys, but which lets us glimpse at fascinating frescoes of unknown colors.

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