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Critically acclaimed double album by Indonesian piano and keyboards icon.
Pasar Klewer was released in 2016, and awarded with 5 stars
in DownBeat (December 2016), and considered as "masterpiece"
and one of the greatest jazz albums of the year
2016 by this prestigious USA jazz magazine.

Dear Friends in Music.

It's Thanksgiving time in the USA and MoonJune Records would like to offer this quintessential label's Jazz album as FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time No other album on the label represents better the Jazz & Beyond spirit of MoonJune Records - Progressive Music Exploring And Exploring Boundaries Of Jazz, Rock, Avant, Ethno, The Unknown And Anything In Between And Beyond.

Pasar Klewer

DWIKI DHARMAWAN - acoustic piano
YARON STAVI - upright bass
ASAF SIRKIS - drums, udu clay percussion & konakol singing
MARK WINGFIELD - electric guitar
NICOLAS MEIER - glissentar, acoustic guitar
GILAD ATZMON - clarinet, soprano sax
ARIS DARYONO - vocals, gamalan & kendang percussion, rebab 3-strings violin
GAMELAN JESS JEGOG led by I NYOMAN WYDOD - gamelan orchestra

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"5 stars. Masterpiece. A truly original work of art. One of the best jazz albums in 2016." - DownBeat Magazine, USA

"Dwiki Dharmawan is a true master musician, composer and conceptualist. (...) Few albums in the last couple of decades have matched the breadth and scope of Pasar Klewer, its often inspirational musicianship and the brilliance of its overfall conception (...) an exemplary example of how glocal influences are feeding into jazz to create something that is both part of the universal language of jazz and an individual expression of local, social and cultural identity" - Stuart Nicholson, JazzWise Magazine, UK

"This is world fusion on an epic scale, bringing jazz together with progressive tendencies, and then wrapping it up on a musical form that is quite different to western ears as he mixes it all up with styles from his home. There is a freedom and space within the music, that makes it feel live a living breathing entity, and very quickly the listener is immersed in a brand-new world. It is full of energy, full of life, an amazing musical experience." - Kev Rowland, Jazz Music Archive

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