Elio Villafranca Continues "Cinque" World Tour to Mexico!

Elio Villafranca
Continues Cinque World Tour to Mexico!
November 6th
with Special Guest Jon Faddis!

Grammy Consideration
In Multiple Categories!
2018 DownBeat Winner
Rising Star - Keyboard
4.5-star Review - Cinque

Elio Villafranca's Cinque World Tour continues from Japan, Australia and Tasmania this summer on to Mexico on November 6th with Special Guest Jon Faddis!

Nov. 6 Guadalajara, Mexico
CINQUE Release Concert at Centro de Promoción Cultural, ITESO
Special Guest: Jon Faddis-trumpet
Dick Oatts - alto sax/soprano sax/flute
Wayne Escoffery - tenor sax
Bruce Harris - trumpet
Steve Turre - tombone
Todd Marcus - bass clarinet
Ricardo Rodriguez - bass
Arturo Stable-percussion
Jonathan Troncoso - percussion
Julis Loiza Gutierrez - Rivera-dance
Elio Villafranca - piano
Dec. 6 New York City
Carnegie Hall presents Elio Villafranca and Afro-Caribbean Trio at Harlem Stage Gatehouse.
Russell Hall-bass
Dion Parson-drums
Elio Villafranca-piano

Dec. 15 & Jan. 25 Miami
World Premier presentation of CINQUE and Danzonette by Eddy Martinez with MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra conducted by maestro Eduardo Marturet)

Cinque is a five movement suite inspired by the story of Joseph Cinque, who in 1839 led a successful revolt aboard the slave ship La Amistad, days after being sold and transported to a sugar plantation in Cuba. Elio Villafranca's most ambitious project today, showcases the cultural diversity of the five Caribbean islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, and Jamaica; while simultaneously highlighting the Congolese musical heritage woven into the fabric of each of these diverse nations, and yet unified via the forced migration of Africans to the Americas.

Cinque (artistShare) is a body of work that encompasses narration, original composition and selections of Elio's own field recordings of different forms of rooted Congolese rhythms in the Caribbean, especially the traditions of Tambor Yuka, only practiced today in the region of Pinar Del Río, where Elio was born, and Gangá, a rare culture that came from Sierra Leon, Cinque' place of birth, to the region of Matanzas, Cuba. Both traditions are near to extinction today.

Elio's intention is to share music the same way he experienced it growing up in Cuba, by giving access to the context and sources that inspired his original compositions. This way of sharing, creates a better bridge with the listener to a more meaningful understanding and connection with music and culture.

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