Benji Kaplan, Featuring_ Vent Nouveau Brazilian Chamber Jazz Rhinebeck Starr Library Sunday October 14th 4pm-5:30 pm FREE


Venue: Rhinebeck Starr Library
Address: 68 West Market Street Rhinebeck, New York 12572
Directions: Take Amtrak train to Rhinecliff Station.
Cost: Free and open to the public

Benji Kaplan: Compositions, arrangements, guitar and voice.

Vent Nouveau:
Kristen Mather de Andrade - Bass clarinet
Torin Olsen - Flute
Brianna Olsen - Alto Flute
Sam Kaestner - Bb Clarinet
Matt Anderson - Flugel Horn

w special guests:
Rita Figueiredo - voice/lyrics
Kristen Mather de Andrade - voice and clarinet

Benji Kaplan

The son of a native Cuban percussionist father and a prominent American visual-artist mother, Benji Kaplan has followed his arts-filled upbringing with a particular focus upon the classical forms of Brazilian music. Fully informed not only in Brazilian Classical and popular music, but also by Western Classical music and Jazz, the emerging composer crafts his own brand of Contemporary Classical Brazilian music ingeniously spiced with the full gamut of his rich musical understanding. He beautifully expresses his unique vision with ensembles ranging from string quartets to wind ensembles of varying shapes and sizes. His most recent album – Chorando Sete Chores – features 13 pieces for acoustic guitar and wind quintet. Although they are through-composed, they are fully informed by his deep Brazilian and Jazz influences and provides a clear display of the brilliant fusion of elements that is at the core of his sweeping artistic vision. His previous album Uai Sô vividly demonstrates his enormous scope, combining strings, brass and woodwinds in various combinations ranging from seven to twelve instruments.

Inspired by Brazilian music since early childhood, Benji Kaplan releases his 4th album, Chorando Sete Cores (Crying Seven Colors), mixing harmonies and melodies reminiscent of
neoclassical, romantic and impressionistic period music combined w Brazilian inspired melodies and rhythms like maracatu, samba, baião, choro, bolero and maxixe. His compositions are presented on the guitar and deeply colored by the wind instruments, Flute, Alto Flute, clarinet, bass clarinet and French Horn.

The 13 tracks of Crying Seven Colors invite the listener to gain insight in to a world of Brazilian music in a unique format, in which the guitar strips itself of the leading role and merges with the sonority of the winds, forming a set in which each element is essential for the narrative. More than a succession of individual pieces, the album presents itself as a continuous journey that
portrays deep influences of both North American and Brazilian scenarios, in elaborate arrangements that demonstrate the musicality as well as the high technical level of the instrumentalists.

Benji has performed in a wide array of venues such as Cornelia Street Cafe, Dizzy's Club, Rubin Museum of Art, Zinc Bar, Nublu, and the legendary Rio de Janeiro club "Beco das Garrafas" (Bottles Bar) among many others.

Vent Nouveau

Some of the finest wind and brass players in the New York area have come together to form a new ensemble that brings the best music for winds, brass, and percussion to all sorts of great places. Vent Nouveau is dedicated to bringing attention to the wide variety of underperformed repertoire for winds and brass. It is the first group of its kind in the NYC area.

Rita Figueiredo

The musical vein of the multimedia artist Rita Figueiredo began it's pulse early on.
At age 14, the young girl, born in São Paulo began to study voice. Graduating in 1995 from Liberated University of Music (ULM) in lyrical song(classical and operatic techniques of singing). (Linked to the Sao Paulo State Music School of Tom Jobim) (EMESP).

To further hone in her skills as a musician, she moved from the classical to the popular singing school of vocal training.
The first opportunity to launch her original work came in 2011, when she won the Cultural Action Program (ProAC) Award from the Secretary of Culture, which fully funded the creation of her first record.

Refining the stories she lived and witnessed throughout her career, Rita Figueiredo released her debut album, Brasilis, in February of 2013.
In the shows, Figueiredo developed a theatrical aspect, guaranteeing greater audience engagement and understanding to the compositions, that portray stories of typical everyday people of rural as well as greater metropolitan areas.

In a short time, Rita gained recognition for her work, and was pre-selected for the 2013 edition of the Latin Grammys in three categories in addition to having her first album featured on several lists as one of the best records released in Brazil in 2013.

Before revealing her gift as a great storyteller through music, Rita Figueiredo had long imagined, created and reworked several other artistic projects as director of animated films. From small play chronicles to publicity ad campaigns., She even won the Grand Prize Gold Campaign at the 19th Sao Paulo Columnists Award (the most important Brazilian publicity award), as well as competing at the Hiroshima Festival, VMB (MTV Brazil) and AnimaMundi (Largest festival of animation in Latin America).

The more than 20 years of Rita's work in the area of ​​design and animation include periods through broadcasting networks such as MTV and TV Cultura as well as several film producers companies. Her love of music brought her work as a videographer and animation animator/illustrator, closer to many Brazilian artists and musicians. Rita has directed music videos and made video and animations for multimedia screen backdrops for live concerts of many world renowned artists in Brazil such as Marisa Monte, Ed Motta, Gabriel Pensador, Rita Lee, Cássia Eller, among many others.

Kristen Mather de Andrade

Kristen Mather de Andrade is an artist whose well-honed skill at interpretation brings freshness and delight to a broad range of repertoire and musical styles, from classical, to world music, contemporary folk and beyond. Equally devoted to interpreting the rich repertoire of traditional composers and to bringing the colorful dimensions of the clarinet and her bright and versatile singing voice to undiscovered frontiers, Mather de Andrade has always sought compelling ways to dive into the modern musical landscape. Her flair for telling vibrant stories through melody, harmony and multiple languages brings energy to classical, folk, and contemporary works from around the globe.

Her commitment to regularly rediscovering the abundant possibilities of music and her ability to respond to an array of challenges has led Mather de Andrade to diverse projects with world-class musicians. She is the Principal Clarinetist and soloist for the West Point Band, an Army Special Band, as well as the ensemble's Education Outreach Manager. She collaborates frequently with New York City-area bands, symphony orchestras, and pit orchestras. She plays clarinet in the group Quintette 7 and is also the clarinetist, and co-founder of Vent Nouveau, the New York City-area ensemble that performs and records exciting material for winds and brass.

Since 2012, Mather de Andrade has been delivering sparkling performances as both a vocalist and clarinetist with the Brazilian ensemble she founded, Tom do Brasil. She originally formed the group after marrying the most interesting Brazilian man in all of Brazil in order to study Portuguese, but Tom do Brasil now thrives thanks to its charming live performances and an enthusiastic internet following.

Benji & Rita (Brazilian jazz Duo)

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