Nick Finzer’s Hear & Now Live in NYC Out Today

After finishing the last few performances of 2018's No Arrival Tour this past August, trombonist Nick Finzer is right back on the scene with a follow up to April's No Arrival (on Posi-Tone Records). Hear & Now Live in NYC is the group's first live album, and captures his sextet in rare form in one of NYC's great rooms for live music - Subculture.

"More than any release up until now, I felt that the energy of the live band needed documentation…" says Finzer looking back on the previous 5 years of leading his ensemble on tour across the globe, making their European Festival debut at the legendary Umbria Jazz Festival in 2017.

"... after being able to hear the music develop on the road this spring, I knew it would be a great way to showcase the guys in the band by putting out Live version of these tracks we cut in the studio last September [2017]"

The compositions on Hear & Now Live in NYC were featured on April's No Arrival, but here are presented unedited and in full form. The ensemble is really allowed to cut loose, and you can hear the energy and interaction afforded by an ensemble that's been on the road, touring that music. "The music here is focused on the circular continuum of development as an artist. Calling to the past for inspiration, drawing on life experiences for new repertoire, and looking to the future for inspiration of where to go in the present…"

"... the essence of the artistic journey is continual development, both individually and as a group. With everything we learn, we find out more about what we don't know, and it starts the process over again!"

Featuring a rising star studded cast of NYC's millennial jazz movement including Glenn Zaleski (piano), Lucas Pino (Tenor saxophone and Bass Clarinet), Alex Wintz (guitar), Dave Baron (bass), and Jimmy Macbride (drums); Hear & Now Live in NYC is a document of an ensemble on the rise. Poised to take the jazz world by storm in 2019, and beyond!

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