Trey Gunn 8-week course "Intro To Modes"

"Intro to Modes" 8-week course with Trey Gunn
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15 October 2018
The course runs from October 15 to December 8, 2018.
Work directly with Trey Gunn on a weekly basis in this group course.

Modes Course at Original Voice Coaching
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For all instrumentalists and singers.

In this 8-week course we will break down one of the basic building blocks of music the modes into digestible parts, both sonically and theoretically, so they can be used with ease.

This course will:

Help you to immediately find your ground in a piece of music
Give you flexibility when improvising
Give you greater color choices when developing your own compositions
Help you grasp command of the core material of music
Give you a long-term pathway to hear deeper into the relationships of the notes

This is designed to work for all level of players:

Beginning players. We will start with the basics.
Intermediate players. You will hone the fundamentals in your hearing for improved playing and writing.
Advanced players. You will find every gap in your melodic hearing. Then apply practices to clean this up and take your playing further.

Learn to play confidently while capturing the unique quality of each mode in your improvisations and compositions. This ease only comes from the deep exploration based on how you hear, in your own particular way. This course breaks down that exploration into its core essence, step-by-step.
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How a painter uses color is a useful analogy for working with the modes. Any musical idea can be tinted with one of the modes. The idea remains essentially the same; but the color of the music changes based on which mode you are using.

This course is designed to establish these "modal" differences in your ear so you can use them as you need to, much as a painter pulls from his or her palette of colors.
- - -

Learning about modes isn't about the information. The information is easy. Learning this material, the way I think we should, is about getting to know each tone intimately within its context - the mode's center of gravity, or tonal center.

This course will use a progression of practices to develop our sense of each note and how that note fits into its mode. Known as 'functional hearing', in contrast to 'intervallic hearing', this work proves much more vital when improvising.

This is an oversimplification; but based on many years of practice, study and playing I have honed an approach to go directly into the sounds.

First, we learn the sounds. The information can come afterward, simply to help us organize.
- - -

"This course is part of my work in aiding musicians and artists to speak from their own, original voice." - Trey Gunn

This will be a type of correspondence course with info/practices being presented each week and all of us digesting it together via a Google Group. There is no real-time participation, so any time-zone or personal schedule will fit with our work together.

Cost is $299
50% off discount if you register before October 1, 20

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