Sunday 9/23 - eILe Arts presents 'A Tribute For Micahel White Spiritual Jazz Violinist' at Zebulon

IL ~ Spiritual Jazz Ensemble, was formed by the widow and former music partner of Michael White, Leisei Chen and Emile Pore, was later joined by Joey DeRusha and Alma Cielo. It is the synergy of four distinct artists, co-creating as a tribute to Michael White, Spiritual Jazz Violinist. The multicultural Integrated Arts quartet engages in organic spontaneous collaboration with healers, poets, dancers & visual artists, with their vision based on: One. Arts. Love. Healing.

'The ensemble from creation of a word IL and the meaning of the name set a tone for our artistic path. I asked for the weekly consistent rehearsals from the beginning. Since February 2017, we have been co-creating the project, developing sounds, improvising and learning compositions grew us into truly holistic as an ensemble, unique as each individual artist. I am so grateful that all my ensemble mates stayed and supported me through my depth of grief to heights of joy together as 'One Artistic Family'' says Chen.

Audiences will be invited for a journey of compelling intimacy. Oriental rugs will lay on the center floor so people can sit & lay down with both sides surrounded with chairs. Come to engage in a grounding yet heightening experience led by ~ IL ~ and contributing artists such as Sangam Indian Jazz Raga Duo, Paul Livingstone Sitar, Peter Jacobson Cello, Poetess Gloria Enedina Alvarez, Guest Artists Timothy Young guitar, VJ Kesh actor & Azeem Khan artist, Ceazs Hernandez DJ, Rick Elias Photographer among other guests.

Michael White was honored with "Living Legend" status for his contributions to jazz by the United States Congress, the state of California, and the city of Los Angeles. He was a major recording artist, Jazz violinist, composer, bandleader. He performed & recorded with Jazz luminaries such as John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra among many others. Recently he is called Spiritual Jazz Master by DJs & young music lovers around the globe.

"Voices may come from a variety of places, but at its core is White, whose own voice remains one of the more distinctive in jazz violin." John Kelman of All About Jazz

"With each sound, we paint a picture."

Michael White, May 24, 1930 to December 6, 2016

eILe Arts presents
Tribute Michael White Spiritual Jazz Violinist
The Multicultural Integrated Arts presentation is hosted by Zebulon, curated & produced by Leisei Chen,
premiered by ~ IL ~ Spiritual Jazz Ensemble with special guest Artists & DJs to create 'Sound Oasis Of Love & Healing'

#TMWSJV #923Zebulon
Sunday, September 23
Doors 7:30 pm : Show 8:30 pm

Zebulon :
2478 Fletcher Drive, Los Angeles CA 90039

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