Monica Meaux Hope Healing Fractures Premiere Wednesday, September 19th 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM Faison Firehouse Theatre

Monica Meaux Hope, the songwriter, vocalist, and playwright daughter of legendary jazz pianists Bertha Hope and the late Elmo Hope, will be performing a special presentation on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 7:30 pm. Meaux wrote the book, lyrics and music for her play, Healing Fractures: A One Woman Show With Music, which won Best Singer in the New York Theater Festival 2017 Winterfest Competition.

Meaux will perform the play at the historic Faison Firehouse Theater, at 6 Hancock Place, corner of 124th and St. Nicholas, Harlem, New York. Immediately following, Meaux Hope Productions, LLC and the Singing Vegan Chef, Ras Chemash Lamed, will host a post performance reception and Q&A session with the performer.

Los Angeles born, and raised in the northeast Bronx, Meaux began her musical journey at age 10 as a founding member of the Edenwald Community Choir, Bronx, New York, and later attended the High School of Music & Art.

She's performed at the Beanrunner Café, Manna House Workshop, The Shrine, Lenox Lounge, Jazz 966, Medgar Evers College Jazzy Jazz Festival, and Jazzmobile with The Bertha Hope Quintet; Rockwood Music Hall with Grammy winner Jeremy Mage; Minton's with multiple Grammy Nominee James Hurt; the choir of Vy Higgensen and Ken Wydro's production of "Gospel Is"; the New York City Bar Chorus; as featured vocalist in the 2016 International Women in Jazz Festival, and spent many years on the 5-state corporate party circuit.

By request, Meaux produced and performed a well-received special tribute to Rev. Gary Davis a/k/a Blind Gary Davis, at Bobby Sanabria and Elena Martinez's Bronx Music Heritage Center. Accompanied by blues guitar prodigy "King" Solomon Hicks, Meaux and King sang gospel and blues selections written and performed by guitarist Rev. Davis, known to have influenced such rock luminaries as Bob Dylan.

Meaux is a cum laude New York University alum, with a Humanities B.A. in Creative Writing. Her NYU thesis memoir, Voices, is the source of Healing Fractures. The memoir and the original cast recording CD will be available for purchase at the show.

WHO: Monica Meaux Hope, Songwriter, Vocalist, Playwright
WHAT: Performance of Healing Fractures: A One Woman Show With Music
WHEN: Wednesday, September 19, 2018, at 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: Faison Firehouse Theatre, 6 Hancock Place
@ 124th and St. Nicholas Avenue
Harlem, New York

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