Phoenician Drive announces new Self Titled album coming October 12, 2018 via Exag' Records and SK Records.

With two tracks and an incandescent E.P., the six musicians from Phoenician Drive have crossed all borders to create a transcontinental rock. Indeed, since 2015, the group from Brussels has been weaving its melodies on the edge of Asia and Europe, on the border of the Balkans and the Middle East (Okay Temiz, Erkan Oğur, Erkin Koray).

With high expectations, the group persists by releasing its first album, at the crossroads of continents. Recorded in the Studio Koko by the insatiable John Roo (La Jungle, It It Anita), this record indulges in the psychedelic pleasures (Amon Düül II, Os Mutantes) and the joy of motorik rhythms (Can, NEU!, Faust, Cluster).Soaked in darbuka, edged with oud and distortion effusions, the compositions are here travelling in first class, far from formatted highways and traffic jams.

At full speed, Phoenician Drive runs on krautrock with a loaded trunk. Flamenco, oriental grooves, jazz and Balkan vibrations pile up next to a suitcase full of crazy soundtracks as echoes to the library music traditions (Sandro Brugnolini, Alessandro Alessandroni). Between recollection of a fantasy past and prospect of an exciting future, Phoenician Drive's music makes light of the timeline's norms in order to create eight vivace and striking tracks which are timeless and totally unclassifiable. A one of a kind performance.

The band is releasing today, via New Noise (France), their first single "Paradise in my Veins".

Phoenician Drive
Self Titled

1. Almadraba
2. Paradise In My Veins
3. Kraken Doesn't Crack A Crocodile
4. Musselove
5. Aguas Del Olvido
6. Onouba Twist
7. Bicky Beach
8. Slowfish​

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