World-Class Pros Endorse YOU’RE IN THE BAND Cynthia Sayer’s Jazz Play-Along Program

Tunes popularly played in traditional jazz/hot jazz bands
Choice of 2 CDs or Downloads
Each tune in 2 speeds: "Gig Tempo" & "Practice Tempo"
Playing tips & traditions you should know
Lingo & Definitions
Lead sheets with lyrics in concert key, Bb, Eb, and bass clef
Chord Charts
Tune Layouts
Also available - downloads only:
All YITB Tracks Minus Trumpet & All YITB Tracks Minus Banjo ($9.99 per set)
1. Avalon
2. Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me
3. China Boy
4. Darktown Strutter's Ball
5. Down By The Riverside
6. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
7. My Gal Sal
8. Some Of These Days
9. Take Me Out To The Ball Game
10. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
11. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
12. When The Saints Go Marching In
13. Whispering
Cynthia Sayer - banjo, arrangements
Bria Skonberg - trumpet
Mike Weatherly - string bass
Kevin Dorn - drums


"A wonderful and helpful work that will instruct young players who are learning about playing traditional jazz. Also a great refresher for musicians already established and playing this style of music."
Grammy-winner, Bandleader, Multi-instrumentalist
Vince Giordano and The Nighthawks

"You're IN The Band offers the opportunity to develop, hone and master one's skills for playing jazz by using the best teaching techniques known to date, actually playing IN the band. I highly recommend this method."
Multi-Award-Winning Trombonist

"This is the only program I've seen that really delivers. It offers many great ways for players to truly grow their skills, and also enjoy the fun process of learning to swing in a band! Get it now - you'll thank me later!"
Artistic Director, American Roots Music Program
Berklee College Of Music

"This is the perfect way to get into playing jazz in a group. For players wanting the basics, it's absolutely accurate and gives you an idea of what's to come and what's required to be a part of a group. For advanced players, it offers jamming with established pros, an ideal way to practice and learn. This is for all instrumentalists who want to be a part of our music, from traditional on up."
Pianist, Composer, Arranger
NEA Jazz Master

"You're IN The Band is the next best thing to actual on-the-job training. It's an extremely practical and efficient way to learn how to play in a traditional jazz context."
Jazz Clarinetist & Saxophonist

"This is the absolute next best thing to stalking world-class jazz musicians and pestering them until they allow you to sit in."

"A hell of a lot of fun ... The play-along section is Habanera Hot ... Very well worth the nominal investment."

"The perfect vehicle for any aspiring traditional jazz musician ... An absolute bargain."

"I applaud the care with which you crafted everything! I love the simplicity of the lead sheets, leaving room for more advanced players to expand the harmonic options, and the accompaniment tracks are exactly what they should be. What a wonderful piece of work, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to work on trad jazz, soloing, accompanying, or playing in the ensemble. Bravo!!"
Director, Sacramento Traditional Jazz Camp

"You're IN The Band really delivers the goods in every way"

"Brava, bravissimo! YITB is far and away the best play-along system I've encountered, and I love everything about it: the concept, the tunes, the arrangements, the musicians, the commentary and tips, and the stunning Deco design."
-Doug C., Maryland

"My new best friend arrived by postage this week! The book and CD's so meticulously and magnificently produced by you is a gold medal winner! I'm thrilled to be jamming with the best in the solace of my own living room. Life doesn't get better than this ... guaranteed fun!!!"
-Ginger C., Connecticut

"I wanted you to know how pleased I am with it. You obviously put a lot of thought into it and I am finding it not only very useful and instructive, but a whole mess of fun. My band couldn't believe you even thought of including charts in Bb and Eb."
-Don W., Alabama

"I really liked the variety of songs and the ability to play solo with them. I had never played with a banjo before."
-Joseph C., 13 years old, Chatsworth, CA

"The book is brilliant. Far and away the best of anything else I've seen along these lines.... Thank You. I especially like all the information in the first 30 or so pages and then sprinkled throughout the tunes."
-R.L., Vermont

"I am really enjoying YITB. I am learning new tunes to go along with my other lessons. I like the modern twist. This program is fun and different from other choices out there."
-Sabrina R., 16 years old, Los Angeles, CA

"Wow, what a job you've done on the play-along. Applause is not adequate. You deserve a standing ovation."
-Sheila W., Illinois

"YITB, even though it's recorded tracks and not live jams, is REAL performance ear training, along with a huge amount of stuff they truly did not teach us in music school. Now you know why I'm so excited about it. Thank you!"
-David L., New York, NY

"I really love the information in the beginning of the book, and as a moderately inexperienced player, it was nice to be able to hear and see the music. The idea is great, and it helps me keep time, practice soloing, and strum consistently."
-Lucy M., 17 years old, Sacramento, CA
"I believe there are certain things about playing live music that you can only learn by actually playing with other musicians who know their stuff. That's why I decided to create "You're IN The Band, " and include popular hot jazz repertoire tunes you should know as well as musical and practical tips that you'll surely use whenever you play with others. Whether you are still learning your instrument or have been playing professionally for years, this play-along offers the fun and challenge of playing with a real hot jazz band anytime and wherever you like."
-Cynthia Sayer

Praised for her "drive and virtuosity" by The New York Times, Cynthia Sayer is a multi-award winning instrumentalist, vocalist, & bandleader. She rose to prominence as a founding member of Woody Allen's New Orleans Jazz Band, all the while exploring her wider musical interests and playing with other legendary jazz, popular and roots music artists. Cynthia appears regularly in concert and at festivals internationally with her bands and as a guest artist. Along with her own albums, she can be heard on banjo, vocals, piano, tenor guitar, ukulele, and percussion on various recordings, soundtracks, and commercials. Cynthia is also an avid educator who gives workshops, master classes, school and university programs, and teaches privately. She lives in New York City.

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