Dave Sewelson: Music for a Free World - New Recording

Dave Sewelson - baritone and sopranino saxophone
Steve Swell - trombone
William Parker - bass
Marvin Bugalu Smith - drums
The Record is out on FMR Records

The opening song is the title track has a strong, spirited, almost prayer-light theme that rings true for the troubling times that surround us. Many of us can relate to the sentiment of the title, "Music for a Free World", since we do long to be free of the fascism that is rising around the planet. Mr. Sewelson and Mr. Swell sound like righteous sparring partners, combining forces, blending their solemn, slow burning voices...The quartet together make a strong impression, a solid force, they capture some age old vibes, united in the right ways. A toast to these fabulous veterans! Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

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