Space sounds by ROCKET MEN - new album Twerk & Travel in Space (JazzLab Release: 12 October 2018)

They are from Leipzig, Hamburg, Berlin: six young musicians, all in their mid-twenties, form the band ROCKET MEN. Jazz-Funk meets Fusion, Dub meets Global Beats. ROCKET MEN gracefully combine complex rhythms with electronic beats and vocal samples from all over the world. Truly a fun sounding album that has it's subtle political undertones.

Will there be any music from earth left once the blue planet is no more? Perhaps the peruvian panpipes and Johann Sebastian Bach's sonatas floating around in space in form of the Voyager Golden Records? That is a question ROCKET MEN cannot answer, but being musical globetrotters the band is on a mission to draw as much inspiration as possible from all around the world. To look at earth and it's musical diversity from outer space. To escape the everyday pressure and the sensory overload. Being free and realizing which sounds of earth are really important.

ROCKET MEN was founded in 2016 by Valentin Mühlberger (Keyboards) and Philipp Püschel (Trumpet). They both knew each other from high school, and after they both left their hometown of Hannover and relocated to Leipzig and Hamburg, they quickly found new recruits for their new space adventure.
Besides it's founding members, the band consists of Lasse Golz (Saxophon, Reeds), Bertram Burkert (Guitar/Bass), Paul David Heckhausen (Electronics/Percussion) and Felix Dehmel (Drums).
The debut CD "Weightless" (2016) showcased the band's ability to combine the more traditional side of Jazz music with the infinity of space. In 2018 though ROCKET MEN drew inspiration not only from Jazz, but from the sounds of earth and all of it's multiple styles of music. That makes "Twerk & Travel in Space" an album that'll take you on a journey around the world. .


Twerk & Travel in Space

Release: 12 October 2018
Label: JazzLab (LC-52294)
Distribution: Broken Silence
UPC: 4 250137 279312

Line-up: Valentin Mühlberger (Keyboard), Philipp Püschel (Trompete), Bertram Burkert (Gitarre/Bass), Paul David Heckhausen (Electronics/Percussion), Lasse Golz (Saxofon/Reeds), Felix Dehmel (Drums)

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