New Digital Single from Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas “The House of Blue Lights” featuring Chicago pianist Willie Pickens

Western Swing band Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas releases a new single this summer – "The House of Blue Lights" - featuring Chicago pianist Willie Pickens.

The digital-only single is a bluesy arrangement of the classic Freddie Slack tune and features Chicago saxophonist Jim Gailloreto.

Preston Frazier of Something Else Reviews writes - "'The House of Blue Lights' kicks up tempo and intensity. The song jumps out of the speakers with blues-infused honky tonk piano by Willie Pickens which frames Solitaire Mile's straight forward and powerful delivery, and Pickens' solo more than matches the intensity and enthusiasm of the band. This will make you want to get up and shake a little."

Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas go into the recording studio this summer to record their long-awaited 2nd full length Western Swing release with new band members including Grammy winning Harmonica Maestro Howard Levy, Accordionist Frank Caruso, Texas Swing Vocalist Keith Weber, Melodica player aka Jazz Writer Scott Yanow, and Bass Trumpeter Jack Gallagher. The band will be led by Musical Director and Guitarist Neal Alger. The selections will feature traditional Western Swing tunes by Cindy Walker, Spade Cooley and Pee Wee King, as well as 1950's Retro Country songs by Carl Perkins, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Ernest Tubb and Tennessee Ernie Ford . The new collection will have the late 1940's Western Swing flavor of the last album, but also adding some 1950's Retro Country vibes as well. It will be released in Spring 2019 on Seraphic Records.

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