Aussie Saxman Evan Harris Takes Flight with Debut Release "Skylines"

Debut album Skylines from New York-based Australian saxophonist Evan Harris, documents a deeply personal journey by a young saxophonist at the top of his game breaking into the toughest music scene in the world, New York City. The haunting yet uplifting melodies and incredible improvisations from this cast of truly international heavyweights, gives the listener an insight into the exciting future of Australian Jazz by a dynamic musician making waves abroad. Beautifully recorded at 'Systems Two Studios' in Brooklyn by multi-Grammy winning engineer Mike Marciano at 96k hTz, Skylines is available on CD, Vinyl and hi-res download from and specialty music stores from early 2018.

Evan Harris: tenor saxophone/composer/executive producer
Will Vinson: alto saxophone
Sean Wayland: piano
Des White: double bass
Jochen Rueckert: drums
Mike Marciano: recording/mixing/mastering engineer
Frank Kimbrough: co-producer

"With Skylines, his debut album of original compositions, Evan Harris welcomes us into his imagination, and into his musical world. His many talents as a tenor saxophonist, composer, arranger, bandleader and talent scout are on display here with a grace uncommon to such a young musician. You will find in his music clarity and mystery, from the fresh, breezy "Gunderman", to the open freedom of the "Skyline" pieces, to the hard swinging "Equilibrium". Though the moods are many, the architecture of the tunes is sturdy, and they are mature, integrated and welcoming to the listener.

He has carefully chosen his sidemen, and is generous in his sharing of the spotlight with them. Alto saxophonist Will Vinson, pianist Sean Wayland, bassist Desmond White, and drummer Jochen Rueckert reciprocate with empathetic, hard-listening, imaginative playing, and they all shine here.

Attending the sessions that yielded this music was a joy - I came with the intention of providing assistance and guidance, but little was needed. There was a palpable sense of togetherness among the musicians, and the stress-free environment they created allowed yours truly to sit back in the control room with my arms folded across my chest, and a smile on my face. I was witnessing dreams become a reality.

This is the first of what surely will be many recordings by Evan Harris. He is an open-hearted and multi-talented young man, and gives me hope for the future of this music we love so much."
- Frank Kimbrough (Maria Schneider Orchestra, Jazz Composers Collective)

"Evan is one of the most talented young musicians I've heard in a long time... I'm sure that we'll be hearing a lot more from him in the near future."
- Miguel Zenon

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