MoonJune Records's New Releases, February 2018 - promos available

Dear Media

Starting this year, MoonJune Records is limiting the amount of physical CDs to be sent out, due to the increasing and prohibitive costs of shipping, specially outside of the USA. MoonJune used to send over 1500-2000 retail and promos until some years ago, reducing to an average of 600-750 in past 1-2 years. This year, MoonJune has to go even further in reducing the amount of physical promos to be sent to 150 in the USA and 200 abroad. Many of You already are receiving and accepting digital files. MoonJune is sending files generated via BandCamp's download code system, and those file are available in high-resolution 24bit formats: FLAC, WAV, M4A-ALAC, and you have also options to download in MP3-320 format as well. I love sending physical promos, but times have changed. HD audiophile quality audio files are of the superior quality than any CD in circulation if - as MoonJune albums - properly recorded, properly mixed and properly mastered.

MoonJune Records' February 2018 releases are available now:

VANTOMME - 'Vegir'

In order to receive free download, you have to go to this link:
And then request the code by sending the e-mail to: and the download codes for each albums will be sent to You as soon s possible.

Physical promos will be sent early next week, from January 15th to the hand-picked customized promo list. I am very flexible and generous, as many might know, and I gladly make exceptions from the rule, and I can satisfy some of You still hungry for the physical copy if You are not included in my selected list.
MoonJune Records is a brutally independent not-profitable Don-Quixotesque one-man operated boutique record label, consisting of only Yours truly and operated by Leonardo Pavkovic in his free time, and in middle and/or between his many world travels accompanying many artists from the MoonJune's booking roster, performing around the world.

Thank You for Your cooperation, understanding and support.
Leonardo Pavkovic
MoonJune Records
MoonJune Music
New York

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