Dave Stryker Upcoming Live Appearances

Jan 12-15

Dave Stryker / Peter Bernstein Duo

• Dave Stryker – guitar
• Peter Bernstein -guitar
Mohonk Jazz Festival
Mohonk Mountain House
1000 Mountain Rest Road
New Paltz, NY

Thur Jan 18 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Dave Stryker Quartet with Walter Smith III

• Dave Stryker – guitar
• Walter Smith III – tenor sax
• Kendall Carter – organ
• Steve Houghton – drums
Bears Place
1316 East 3rd Street
Bloomington, IN

Sat Jan 27 – 8:00pm – 11:00pm

Dave Stryker Quartet with Steve Nelson

• Dave Stryker – guitar
• Steve Nelson – vibraphone
• Jared Gold – organ
• McClenty Hunter – drums
Chris' Jazz Cafe
Chris' Jazz Cafe
1421 Sansom Street
Philadelphia PA

February 2018

Fri Feb 9 8/10pm
Dave Stryker quartet
Monte Croft vibraphone
Jared Gold Organ
McClenty Hunter drums

Dave Stryker quartet featuring Bob Mintzer*
Dave Stryker-Guitar
Bob Mintzer-Tenor sax
Jared Gold-Organ
McClenty Hunter-drums

Feb 16 - Smalls*
Feb 18 - Falcon*
Apr 7 - Berks Jazz fest Reading PA* w Steve Nelson-vibraphone
Apr 8 - Baltimore Museum of Art*
w Warren Wolf- vibraphone

California tour:
Apr 21- sequoia room Ft Bragg CA (DS Trio w gold, mark Whitfield jr)
Apr 25- blue note Napa CA (Trio )
Apr 26- Kuumbwa Santa Cruz CA (Quartet w Bob Mintzer)
Apr 28-Bakersfield Jazz Fest (Quartet w Mintzer)

New CD
Strykin' Ahead

4 Stars Downbeat Nov. 2017

"....Overall, the album casts a warm, clear glow, with plenty of cohesive interplay between Stryker, organist Jared Gold, drummer McClenty Hunter, and vibraphonist Steve Nelson. While influenced by many guitarists, Stryker remains true to his own vision. Wes Montgomery and Kenny Burrell may be touchstones, but Stryker forges his own sound throughout." - Martin Kasdan

(Strikezone 8815)
Street Date: September 1, 2017
Dave Stryker Strykin' Ahead

Dave Stryker Made The Downbeat Readers And Critics Polls For 2017

Winner of the Hot House Magazine 2017
Fans Favorite
"Best Guitarist" Award

Critical Praise For Strykin' Ahead

"A mainstream record of undeniable beauty"
Vittorio Lo Conte / Music Zoom Italy

If you have chops like Dave's; his musical sensibilities; his uncanny ability to put together interesting instrumentations; his skill at selecting just the right band mates to make Jazz with; wouldn't you want to work all the time, too?

It becomes like anything you're good at; you want to do it as often as possible but occasionally vary the context to keep it from getting stale.
– Steven Cerra Jazz Profiles

A real burner of a set, it feels like an artifact from the past, unreleased from Bluenote/Verve, but it's modern, contemporary touches are well evident showing how a cat that's been hitting all the right notes for all these years can't make a false step now.
- CHRIS SPECTOR, Midwest Record Editor and Publisher

I give Dave and his talented crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an "EQ" (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this one… and keep in mind that you heard it here first… this one is BOUND for the awards.
- Dick Metcalf Improvijazzation Nation

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