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Clock Stories Volume 1 Out Today
Peter Nelson's Debut is Now Available.

"red light, blue light old life, new life More... The grind will make us all colorblind"

After suffering a major crippling injury, trombonist, vocalist, and composer Peter Nelson has released "Clock Stories Vol. 1" through Outside In Music. The collection of five songs embodies the story between Peter and the time that was lost while he battled vocal dystonia.

"Clock Stories Vol. 1 is the first installment in a series that explores time not just in linear form but as a character meant to be engaged. As we bump up against it, fight with it or try to flow through it; time is the great equalizer. The music is representative of formative events that benchmarked different points in the artist's life. A nod to the past with an eye on the future." - Peter Nelson

The rare neurological disorder known as Focal Dystonia causes involuntary muscle contractions embouchure region, making it hard for musicians such as Peter to practice their craft. However, through many painful nights, Peter has overcome his disorder and Clock Stories Vol. 1 is the result of that triumph. Mixed and mastered by industry heavyweight Dave Darlington, this self funded EP features five songs with two different quintets. The first of the two consisting of trombone, piano, drum, bass, and saxophone the second quintet substitutes the saxophone for vocals courtesy of Alexa Barchini. Peters influences vary across a multitude of genres but in regards to Clock Stories his influence isn't found in one singular place. "I'm coming harmonically and rhythmically from a jazz perspective but I think we are all a sum of our influences." Peters eclectic background is evident throughout the entirety of the EP which starts with a poem written by Peter while riding the subway home.

The theme of time becomes evident in these words as Peter contrasts the past and the future on the first track of Clock Stories Vol. 1. In addition to Alexa Barchini, Clock Stories Vol. 1 features Hailey Niswanger; Alto Saxophone, Willerm Delisfort; Piano, Raviv Markovitz; Bass and Itay Morchi on the Drums. Peter is looking to do his first U.S tour come late August off the back of both Clock Stories Vol. 1 and a larger release scheduled for the Summer of 2018.

Nelson's career first started when he found the trombone at the age of 10. Earning a bachelor's degree in Jazz Studies at Michigan State University, Peter studied and performed with some of today's top jazz artists such as renowned bassist Rodney Whitaker. In addition to being a finalist in every major North American jazz trombone competition, Mr. Nelson has proudly performed with jazz orchestras backing the likes of John Hendricks, McCoy Tyner, Benny Golson, Jamie Cullum and Terence Blanchard and in 2012 was awarded the prestigious Sudler prize in the Arts. As a composer, Nelson has amassed a body of work that includes everything from jazz ensemble to contemporary pop. His music has been featured in films, art installations, dance, and has been heard at clubs and concert halls across the country.

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