Jazz & Blues Florida January Edition Posted

The January issue of Jazz & Blues Florida has been posted! This month we share some good info with you about these fine artists performing in Florida this month: Alabama Mike, Andy Cohen, Bob Merrill, Cyrille Aimee, Dave Stryker, Diana Krall, Florida IBC Participants, Joey Alexander, Nick Hilscher, Nicki Parrott, Pigz in Z'Hills Festival, Rachelle Coba, Sam Frazier Jr, Selwyn Birchwood, Shawn Amos and Tas Cru.

What a great way to start the year with all this great music made by good people! And, you are already a part of it if you are reading this...

Thank you all for the privilege of doing what I do! So, that said, time to get back to doing it! Links below. Please click and share and get out and listen and dance, if it's dancing that you do! See you in Memphis!

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Oh yeah... May I ask a New Year's favor of you? It's an easy one.... if you have not LIKED our FB biz page yet, please do so. And if you get that far, please also considering SHARING the page to help spread the good word about live jazz and blues in Florida, and beyond.... Here's the link:

All the best - see you somewhere the good music is happening and the good people are gathering!


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