Tamir Hendelman Trio East Coast Tour

Tamir Hendelman is a phenomenon—blistering technique, quick wit as an improviser, and profoundly refined pianism. Born in Tel Aviv, Tamir began studying piano at age 6. Almost four decades later, Tamir commands the high ground as composer, arranger, educator and performer.

Tamir famously drives the piano seats of the Jeff Hamilton Trio and the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra. He serves on UCLA's jazz faculty. And he has burnished his career as the go-to arranger and accompanist for singers—Natalie Cole, Roberta Gambarini, Jackie Ryan and Barbra Streisand among them.

As composer and leader, Tamir guides his own trio and has produced 2 acclaimed albums.

One is reminded of the likes of Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea, and Keith Jarrett: an inventive genius coupled with a dynamism that lifts an audience to its feet by the show's conclusion.

Glenn Rifkin. Artsfuse

What increasingly distinguishes Hendelman is his gift for imaginative arranging. For one thing, he will compose an introduction that makes it difficult to predict what follows, but seems perfectly suited—even organic—once the tune begins.

Dr. Judith Schlesinger, All About Jazz

Tamir Hendelman Trio East Coast Tour

Tamir Hendelman (Piano)
Marco Panascia (Bass)
Ulysses Owens (Drums)

Mezzrow - A Greenwich Village Listening Room & Lounge
163 West 10th Street (Basement)
New York, New York 10014

Sunday, May 7th
8:00pm to 10:30pm

Bethesda Blues and Jazz
7719 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814

Wednesday, May 10th
8:00pm to 9:30pm

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