Iceland's vikings are back - ADHD recorded a new indie jazz album called #6

Life develops differently for different people. On an island like Iceland where everyone not only knows almost everyone else, but every musician, irrespective of his or her genre, has at some time played music with every other musician, irrespective of their genre, the lives of people develop very differently than in a country with 320 million inhabitants like in USA. The band ADHD has four members and comes from Iceland. Their five CDs are images of and capture something of the infinite wide space of the North, where far vistas are only interrupted by volcanos whose names even trained newsreaders find difficult to pronounce. Iceland – a land of extremes. And one of these extremes includes the fact that this country boasts an unusually high number of musicians in relation to the total population. Naturally, at times this can lead to friction. And such tension is evident in their new release "6".

ADHD's motto might be: "We are family". Keyboarder DAVÍÐ ÞÓR JÓNSSON, guitarist und bassist ÓMAR GUÐJÓNSSON, saxophone player ÓSKAR GUÐJÓNSSON und drummer MAGNÚS TRYGVASON ELIASSEN know each other since childhood. Above all they are friends who know they can rely on each other through 'thick and thin'. More precisely they are the creative nucleus of a big family which also includes wives, children, friends, relations and like-minded comrades. It is never dull in the hurly-burly ADHD home. And since 2009 they are a band. But as they have known each other for so long they never bothered with definitions and categories. ÓSKAR GUÐJÓNSSON comments: 'Many bands work together for musical reasons. With us it's a bit different. Our musical backgrounds are very different, but we belong together. In the band we can define our common basis.'

This search for common ground in the concentration on expansive vistas creates the unmistakable accord among these four Vikings. Although each of the musicians has clear roles, what matters to them fundamentally is the collective sound which in turn is so dense that the collective dissolves into a unified whole. They are a band in which the four 'extremists' can freely grow, but entirely without "flexing muscles" towards one another.


Label: ADHD records
Distribution: Cargo, finetunes
UPC/ EAN: 5694230140466

Line-Up: Óskar Guðjónsson (sax), Ómar Guðjónsson (guitar, bass), Davíð Þór Jónsson (hammond, piano), Magnús Trygvason Eliassen (drums)

Release Date: May 26, 2017

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