Swiss saxophone player Nicole Johänntgen releases an energetic brass album


Label: Hofa 05699
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UPC/ EAN: 4020796464516

Line-Up: Nicole Johänntgen (saxophone), Jon Ramm (trombone), Steven Glenn (sousaphone), Paul Thibodeaux (drums)

Release Date: June 2nd, 2017

"Henry" grooves, rumbles, puffs and belts out, inspired by the Jazz music of New Orleans. Zurich- based saxophone player Nicole Johänntgen has been on the bandstand for 22 years, and she puts heart and soul into her playing. Most recently she spent six months in New York City, writing the songs that she subsequently recorded in New Orleans. The lineup includes tuba, trombone, drums, and saxophone.

Seven new compositions, fresh and vivid: New Orleans' legendary and boisterous "Second Line Drum Grooves" join the pulsing tuba, providing the bass foundation for racy choruses between bone and sax.

Mutual friends introduced Nicole to her new cronies from New Orleans. It was the American saxophone player Arthur Blythe who encouraged her to collaborate with the tuba. (In the nineties, he was noted for his work with tuba, congas, and cello.)

Steven Glenn (sousaphone), Nicole Johänntgen (saxophone), Paul Thibodeaux (drums), Jon Ramm (trombone)

Another source of inspiration came from Nicole's own family background: When she was still a schoolgirl, her father Heinrich (Henry) Johänntgen used to play the trombone as a wake-up call when it was time to get up. "Henry" renders homage to her family.

Written and produced by Nicole Johänntgen. Recorded by Tim Stambaugh at Word of Mouth Studio in New Orleans. Mixed by Tim Stambaugh. Mastered by David Farrell in New Orleans.

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