Audrey Silver Quartet at Cornelia Street Cafe Saturday, April 15th 6pm - 7:15pm

Quotes on Audrey's new CD, Very Early

" [Audrey's] voice is an open invitation, an instrument of confession and creation that immediately transports you to someplace else. That's evident from her first utterances through her last words on Very Early…."
Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

"….Silver engrosses with her tales….[a] talent worthy of being picked up by a major label."
Robert Rusch, Cadence Jazz Magazine

"Very a pure delight….crystal clear vocals, an excellent song selection and fantastic musicianship makes this an outstanding recording."
Glenn Daniels, The Jazz Page

Quotes about the original compositions on Very Early

"While originals often play as substandard filler that sits between the welcome and familiar fare on vocal jazz albums, that couldn't be further from the truth here….Pieces like those stand on equal footing with pure jazz expressions like Bill Evans's "Very Early, "...and semi-outliers like Sting's alluring 'Until.'"
Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

"[Audrey's] own compositions with collaborators Dominique Gagne and Deborah Garrison command attention as well, and my favorite cut is the closing "When the World was New" penned by her and Gagne…."World" is rich with autumn tones, wistfulness, longing, and the bittersweet, carrying undertones of 'The Way We Were'."
Mark Tucker, Veritas Vampirus

"[Silver] can also find fresh and new material, such as material from poet Deborah Garrison who puts lyrics to Silver's own "Goodbye New York, " sounding modern and contemporary…"
George Harris, Jazz Weekly

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