Critical Acclaim for Brad Myers & Michael Sharfe "Sanguinaria" +Upcoming Live Appearances

"Brad Myers can easily claim consanguinity from the ancestry of the jazz guitar aristocracy that goes back to Charlie Christian, as can Michael Sharfe trace his musical bloodline back to beyond Ray Brown to Oscar Pettiford. If this seems like hyperbole, a first listen to their recent duo and trio recording, Sanguinaria will put the argument well beyond even reasonable doubt. Both players show great respect for the tradition but their extrapolation of well-known music from major composers such as Dave Brubeck, Jim Hall, and Keith Jarrett goes well beyond the unexpected."
Raul DaGama -

"Myers and Sharfe clearly know how to pick them, put them together, and play them." Dan Bilawsky - JazzEd

****1/2 "Sanguinaria is a superb achievement, a verified double-flowering and worthy of a large audience."
Fritz Balwit - Audiophile Audition

"Tasty up market listening that throws Jim Hall into the future, this is low key set is loaded with fire that works throughout." Chris Spector - The Midwest Record

"While Myers and Sharfe are both clearly technical geniuses, Sanguinaria (Hopefulsongs) is a master class in how important feel and emotion are to Jazz." Mike Breen - CityBeat

Brad Myers & Michael Sharfe Sanguinaria (Hopefulsongs)
(Colloquy Records 13214) Street Date: March 3, 2017
Brad Myers - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Bongos (Sanguinaria)
Michael Sharfe - Double Bass, Fretless Electric Bass (Norm's Ridge),
Percussion (Sanguinaria,
Great Pumpkin Waltz, and Maria)
with special guests
Dan Dorff, Jr. - Drums and Cymbals (Norm's Ridge, In From Somewhere, and
Falling Grace)
Tom Buckley - Drums and Cymbals (New Moon, Maria, and In Your Own Sweet Way)
Marc Wolfley - Percussion (Great Pumpkin Waltz and Maria)
Dan Karlsburg - Melodica (Sanguinaria)

Upcoming CD Release Shows

April 9, 7-10pm
The Greenwich in Cincinnati, Ohio

Wed. April 19th
Brothers Drake - Columbus, OH 8-11pm
Brad Myers Trio w/Michael Sharfe (b) & Shane Willis (d)

Fri. May 19th
Weasel Boy Brewing Co. - Zanesville, OH 8-11pm
Brad Myers Trio w/Michael Sharfe (b) & Shane Willis (d)

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