Ronny Whyte New CD "Shades of Whyte"

Ronny Whyte
New CD
"Shades of Whyte"
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Label: Audiophile ACD-353
Artist Website:
Release Date: MAY 5, 2017
UPC Code: 762247235323

Track Listing

1. THE SONG IS YOU Kern (m) Hammerstein (l) 3:37 *
2. ISN'T THAT THE THING TO DO? Dearie (m) Saltzberg (l) 3:36 #

3. IT'S TIME FOR LOVE Whyte (m) Levy (l) 3:01 #
4. NINA NEVER KNEW Alter (m) Drake (l) 3:30 *
5. I LOVE THE WAY YOU DANCE Whyte (m) Grant (l) 3:47 *
6. LINGER AWHILE Whyte (m) Schore (l) 3:23 #
7. LOVE ME TOMORROW Duke (m) LaTouche (l) 2:53 *
8. I'LL CLOSE MY EYES Reid (m) Kaye (l) 2:35 #
9. I'LL TELL YOU WHAT Whyte (m & l) 3:36 *

10. BLAME IT ON THE MOVIES Whyte (m & l) 3:16 #
11. SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE THE BLUES Byron & Harris (m & l) 5:05 #
12. A LITTLE SAMBA Lamont ( m & l) & SO DANCO SAMBA Jobim (m) Vinicius De Moraes (l) 3:00 #
13. FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE Bretton, Edwards & Meyer (m & l) 3:48 #

14. I'M OLD FASHIONED Kern (m) Johnny Mercer (l) 3:40
15. TOO LATE NOW Lane (m) Lerner (l) 4:06 *
16. DANCING IN THE DARK Schwartz (m) Dietz (l) 3:21 #

Ronny Whyte - piano, Vocals & Arrangements – All tracks, Boots Maleson - Bass - All Tracks, Sean Harksness - Guitar – All Tracks except #14 #– Lou Caputo - Tenor & Flute, Mauricio De Souza – Drums, * - Alex Nguyen- – Trumpet, David Silliman – Drums (& track #14)

Recorded at: Teaneck Sound Studio, New Jersey December 12 & 13, 2016 ngineer, Mixing and Mastering: Dave Kowalski

Produced by: Ronny Whyte

Ronny Whyte is of that rare breed: a seasoned performer, comfortable in the concert hall, dinner club, jazz room or cabaret. He doesn't simply play and sing notes: he understands the lyrics and he tells the story. You believe him when he displays shades of Whyte in this aptly titled CD and exclaims "The Song is You"and "I Love the Way You Dance". There's heartfelt sincerity in his requests to "Linger Awhile" and "Love Me Tomorrow", he no doubt means it in "I'll Tell You What". An imaginative arrangement of that '50s tale of a young girl's awakening may strike a nostalgic note in "Nina Never Knew".

This collection is also seasoned with "A Little Samba" and a trio of songs with a Bossa Nova beat. Some vintage Jerome Kern, Blossom Dearie, Vernon Duke, Lerner & Lane and Schwartz & Dietz round out the program with style and heart. I am delighted to add this bouquet to my collection. —Elliott Ames WVOX- AM 1460,

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