The French Horn Collective At Arts Garage April 16

The French Horn Collective comes to Arts Garage in Delray Beach. They are an energetic and progressive band that performs an eclectic variety of Gypsy Jazz, Swing, and modern original French music throughout South Florida. Led by Parisian Musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and songwriter Vincent Raffard, the diverse group consists of anywhere from 3 to 8 highly talented musicians from a myriad of musical backgrounds, with instrumentation including Trumpet, Guitar, Violin, Double Bass, Clarinet, and Vocals.

Their wide variety of musical influences, ranging from Gypsy Jazz, Hot Swing, Ska, to Polka, result in the band producing a smooth mixture of progressive Gypsy/Parisian/Swing/World Music. "A perfect stylistic harmony and a fluent technique are the results of this complex energy named "French gypsy jazz"." French Culture Miami "sweet sounds and killer music " "The French Horn Collective are the coolest hipsters in town but they're not making a style statement. They are just naturally, enthusiastically, undeniably vintage in their tastes and panache. They're so cool, in fact, that Johnnie Walker recently filmed them for a commercial. 'We are artisan musicians, and that's what we have to do, " said [leader Vincent] Raffard, "to play our best all the time.' " Sarah L. Mason Arts Garage is located at 94 NE 2nd Ave in Delray Beach.

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