Jazz & Blues Florida April 2017 Posted

Due to the 1st of April falling in the middle of the
weekend we have posted the April issue a day
early as how there is so much great music
happening on the 1st! Yes, this the first time
in 10 years we have not released the monthly
issue on the 1st of the month!

Also, this is the largest publication for the past year,
so now is the time to get out for live music while
the options are so varied, both musically and
location-wise. Featured artists this month include:
Lauren Mitchell, Coco Montoya, Wayne Shorter,
Daniel Girón, Toronzo Cannon, Ernie Calhoun,
Sebastian Noelle, Jack Broadbent, International
Society of Jazz Arrangers & Composers,
James Blood Ulmer, Rich Brown, John Primer,
Mike Flanigin, Josefiina Vannesluoma, Ken
Peplowski & Diego Figueiredo and The Lucky Losers.
All artists are performing in Florida in April.

Business note: May issue order deadline is Friday,
April 21st. If you are thinking about it, let's start talking

Thanks everyone. Have a great month!

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