US Bluesman Kyle T. Hurley Steps Out Of Abbey Road Studios, Releasing All New Album For 2017

"[The Holding] is a slow, steady, beautiful track that leaves you feeling breathless"
Impose Magazine

"Kyle T. Hurley has deep roots in the Los Angeles music club scene where he perfected a modern approach to the classic country blues style"
Vents Magazine

Having cut his teeth playing the competitive club scene of Los Angeles, Kyle T. Hurley has worked hard; touring all major cities in the US and Europe all the way to recording at prestigious recording studios in the UK such as Castlesound Studios famous for working with notable names in rock such as, R.E.M, Mark Knopfler, and The Proclaimers. Now living in London, Kyle T. Hurley has already built an underground following; being somewhat of a talking point at blues jam nights all over the city. Now, having been accomplishing recordings at Abbey Road Studios with acclaimed Amy Winehouse guitarist, Robin Banerjee, Kyle T. Hurley, is ready to release his new long awaited album with single 'Carolina Cries'.

'Carolina Cries' is a song written about the feelings of being swallowed up by the chaotic conditions that life can bring - from the split problems that can keep knocking you down, to the stress that stops you from solving your troubles. The lyrics of this song written by Kyle T. Hurley, which is cleverly mirrored by Alessandro Cinelli's equally chaotic percussion; using up to five different drum tracks to replicate the confusion and chaos of a compromised life. Keeping the song true to its modern blues character, 'Carolina Cries' features famed blues guitarist to Amy Winehouse, Robin Banerjee. As well as keeping to the blues rock sound, the two guitarists, Robin Banerjee and Davide Mazzantini provide equally frenzied atmospheres as the bass from Enzo Strano carries the verse to the chorus; lifting it from dark and sunken verses to an open and full chorus - dynamic in sound and character.

Kyle T. Hurley is clearly a purist of his craft; something lacking in today's popular music scene. But from touring the US and Europe to flying to the UK to record at acclaimed studios Abbey Road and Castledown Studios, it's clearly something in heavy demand. Now, after building his fan base in London from the ground up, we wait to see if Kyle T. Hurley can have the same effect in the UK as he has done on the road in the US.

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