Korean Jazz Composer Launches Indiegogo to Finish Her Big Band Album

Composer and Arranger Hyeseon Hong announces the launch of her jazz orchestra album entitled "Ee-Ya-Gi" which is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo.

"I'm thrilled to finally get this music out to be heard by a larger audience! Each of these pieces represents a story from my life, " said Hyeseon Hong, composer and leader. "We've put in countless hours to make this album a breath taking listening experience for both our listeners and our fans".

Joining Hyeseon on her album are two jazz giants and veterans of the New York music scene: saxophonist Rich Perry, and trumpeter Ingrid Jensen. They both play beautifully throughout the entire album and are also featured soloists. As Hyeseon's first big band release, the album features her compositions which blend elements of classical music, modern jazz big band and Korean traditional music. Her music contains strong melodies with harmonically-rich, impressionistic backgrounds.
As an artist Ms. Hong also seeks to share the uniqueness of her own Korean cultural experience with others, raising awareness of both the differences and similarities between the east and the west, and fostering musical dialogue which will lead to better understanding and communication. "There's a deep connection between jazz and Korean people…jazz first came to Korea during the Korean War. The blues found in jazz has a similar feeling as traditional Korean music which expresses pain through cries and reprises."

Hyeseon's Indiegogo campaign has 45 days left with a funding goal of $7, 000. Reward options range from $5 to $1000, with $15 and up receiving the early release album in May 2017. All funds raised will be used directly for the album production, publicity and release.

About Hyeseon Hong
Hyeseon Hong is an accomplished composer, arranger and pianist. She currently composes music for the Hyeseon Hong Jazz Orchestra which she also leads and conducts. She is an integral part of the Korean music scene, where she previously led a choir group to acclaim as well as composing for a number of different projects from classical to jazz and commercial settings. Growing up in Seoul, she attended the prestigious Yonsei University where she studied classical composition and piano. Moving to New York she earned a masters at NYU where she studied with Maria Schneider, Mike Hollober, Jim McNeely, Del Tredici, and bassist Ron Carter.


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