Carol Liebowitz & Nick Lyons "First Set” on Line Art Records appearing @ ibeam - Friday, March 3rd

Carol Liebowitz / Nick Lyons

First Set

appearing @ ibeam

Friday, March 3, 2017

Carol Liebowitz, piano

Nick Lyons, alto saxophone

Ken Filiano, bass

Michael Wimberly, drums

8pm: Liebowitz/Lyons Duo

9pm: Liebowitz, Lyons, Filiano, Wimberly

"… sublime and filled with subtle spirits…. This is a great duo…"

—Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

"This improvisational pair recalls the duo performances of Steve Lacy and Mal Waldron in style and intensity…. almost telepathic… hypnotically engaging…"

—Roger Farbey, All About Jazz

"… a true gem…. this January 2017 release comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…"

—Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

"Carol's piano and Nick's alto bear witness to what the two have brought to their playing styles and also give us their own original take on where a complex, soulful freedom can go today…. The two have a bracing spontaneity and creative drive that is exciting to hear.… two master practitioners of the art in fine form."

—Grego Applegate Edwards, gapplegatemusicreview

" … the music proceeds intimately, almost as in a flashback of ideas, dense with meaning…. 'Roy's Joy, ' with the alto sax's beautiful lines, clean and precise, is a truly inspired performance…. The two musicians know how to seduce the listener and leave a deep mark in his state of being."

—Vittorio Lo Conte,

"These recordings attest to an almost telepathic connection, as subtle and translucent as the most exquisite Flemish lace…"

—Leonid Auskern,

"Both players evince an acute sensitivity to one another and to their own internal impulses, keeping the music alive and unpredictable across a wide expanse of human feeling."

"Lyons' expressive tone has an almost human vocal quality, and Liebowitz's visceral command of the piano's sonorities, her skillful use of the pedals, and her lightning-quick reflexes create a lush environment for exploration."

—Mel Minter, (musically speaking: an avid listener's observations)

"… the pianist and saxophonist very comfortably establish their own sonic terrain right from the outset…. fans of Cecil Taylor-esque ivory thunder are likely to appreciate, but it's worth emphasizing how Liebowitz and Lyons are both refreshingly unburdened by influence…"

—Joseph Neff,

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