Brazilian Vocalist Kenia APAP Showcase January 7 & 8 at The NY Hilton NYC

I know a good singer by the choice of material and approach and performance. Kenia has a tone and that quality of touching people longer and deeper with her voice.
~ Flora Purim

Kenia is a talented performer, with great stage presence and a gift for engaging the audience. Her knowledge and passion for Brazilian music and art is evident in her stage performances, and she educates her audience with every song.
~ Janis Burley Wilson – The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Kenia, a consummate vocal talent who can deliver a song as well as anyone I've heard. Her voice is strong, her phrasing excellent, her delivery totally polished. And she makes you move…
~ David Zych – JazzTimes

Kenia is a Brazilian original, building a bridge to the next generation of Brazilian music fans by following in the footsteps of Astrud Gilberto, the closest I can think of in terms of Kenia's ability to translate that wonderful sense of saudade and spice that her songs provide. One can't listen to Kenia sing without appreciating her artistry. Her voice can suspend time, and it can lead you to think about nothing at all, even if just for a few minutes, and in this day that's nothing short of miraculous.
~ Scott Adams

Simply Kenia will quickly be embraced by Brazilian music aficionados as a timeless classic of the sound that has seduced the world for over half a century. It is a captivating blend of venerable choro works, samba and bossa nova-accented tracks that represent the best of the contemporary MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira) tradition, and handpicked favorites from the American ballad songbook. There's little doubt that it all adds up to the most well-rounded and stylistically authentic album of Kenia's career.
~ Mark Holston

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