Frank Catalano Modern Saxophone Technique Clinic Saturday 6pm @ JEN

Modern Saxophone Techniques

A Resource for Developing Sound, Improving Facility, & Enhancing Musicianship
Series: Sax Instruction
Format: Softcover Video Online
Author: Frank Catalano

Many books present facts, but Modern Saxophone Techniques teaches the developing player how to learn. Listening, exploring, writing original music, and trial and error are some of the methods threaded throughout. The concepts presented will keep players learning, maturing, and mastering the saxophone in modern times, and for many years to come. On the online video, author and virtuoso saxophonist Frank Catalano offers quick tips on many of the topics covered in the book. "In the Band" allows saxophonists to play along on six tunes and studies. Topics include: developing good rhythm air stream and embouchure fingering charts tonguing techniques modern

Clinic: Instrument Techniques
Modern Saxophone Techniques - Tips for success from a #1 Billboard Chart Topping Saxophonist
Frank Catalano-clinician
6:00 PM - 6:50 PM
Foster 1 (L2)

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