The Antoinette Montague Experience at APAP Sunday 1/8/17

Gail Boyd Artist Management
The Antoinette Montague Experience
Sunday 1/8/17 8pm-8:30pm
Hilton Hotel 53rd and 6th
2nd Floor, The Regent Parlor

"They came to see the Great Lady Jazz of Jazz
at the 2016 NY Charlie Parker Festival,
and our souls were indeed Rescued"
- Marion Cowings

Raised in Newark Nj, Antoinette Montague came from a home where there always was music. Nurtured by a mother who sang like Yonkers own Ella Fitzgerald. Ms. Montague was exposed from an early age to the music of Nat King Cole, The Ink Spots, Motown, Paul Robeson, Louise Armstrong, Duke Ellington, as well as many Jazz Greats. She has been mentored by some of the greats-Carrie Smith and Etta Jones, teaching her the ins and outs of life as a jazz and Blues entertainer. It was a given she would develop and use her God-given talent, and uses it she does.

Evoking the two great Etta's-Etta Jones and Etta James-as well as blues star Carrie Smith and Jazz whisperer Shirley Horn, Ms. Montague shows tremendous range to her artistry. Her commitment to her audience is refreshing; her show is crafted to take listeners on a journey that embraces the power of Jazz history, yet maintains the excitement of the present.

With great musicians she hand selects, Antoinette Montague brings the fire, passion and energy needed to complement our dynamic songstress to make The Antoinette Montague Experience an incredible evening of excellence in the arts. When she includes a tap dancer, it is an additional accompaniment the to the band, incorporates Jazz traditions with the historical marriage of the music and dance, successfully integrating artful style to enhance the Jazz experience.

With her repertoire of swing, blues, bebop, storytelling, explosive excitement and entertainment-Antoinette Montague brings down the house each and every time she performs.

Antoinette Montague has performed internationally at hundreds of venues as varied as an artist for the US State department with command return engagements, Jazz at Lincoln Center, NYC famed The Charlie Parker Festival, Blue Note, Dizzys, and the first African American artist at the opening series of The Belgarad Philharmonic Orchestra in Russia, US State Department tours, Ashdod Orchestra in Israel. Utemeyer Arts Center, Jeonju International Singers Fest representing the USA, in South Korea, NJPAC Dorthaans Place, the Eleuthera All That Jazz Festival in the Bahamas and has been a consultant to launched and headlined several great Jazz and music festivals.

Besides the many accolades for her vocal accomplishments, Ms. Montague has received numerous examples awards for outstanding community service organizations as varied as Delta Sigma Theda's "Standing On Her Shoulders" award, Woman of the Year Award, Boardroom Publications, Women's Academy of Excellence Philanthropy Award, Board work includes The Duke Ellington Center for the Arts, Boys and Girls Club, Connecticut Better Business Bureau, and consultant/mentor to many talented and business professionals.

Antoinette is the CEO of the Jazz Woman to the Rescue Foundation, a 501(c)(3) org that encourages the public to give old instruments no longer in use to youths without benefit of the arts in their schools.

The incomparable Antoinette Has released several CDs, her latest being World Peace in the Key of Jazz and a children's Cd, Jazz Woman to the Rescue.

The Antoinette Montague Experience gives us the rare gift of uninhibited generosity of spirit and true optimism that Jazz music heals and harmonizes, bringing disparate souls together.

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