Yolanda Duke & Arturo Sandoval "Contigo En La Distancia" –New Single-

Duke certainly holds a strong connection with the Latin music's history, but she also looks into the future by connecting with another Latin Jazz giant, Arturo Sandoval. The two musicians tackle a Cuban standard, the timeless song "Contigo En La Distancia, " written by César Portillo de la Luz and loved around the world for its lush harmony, gorgeous melody, and potent lyrics.

From the introductory trumpet flurry to a closing statement that pushes notes into the stratosphere, Sandoval approaches the song with a warm embrace, reflective of his close connection to the music. In fact, Sandoval puts a major mark on the song by creating the arrangement and playing all of the different instruments on the track.

Sandoval's complete musicianship brings out the best in Duke, helping her deliver an impassioned performance, full of powerful dynamic range, subtle nuance, and personal interpretation. There's some reciprocal inspiration here as Duke captures with her vocal's rich tone and wide vibrato Sandoval's lyrical trumpet solo that connects the different pieces of the melody in an elegant fashion.

Between Sandoval and Duke, you've got two musicians who understand the history of Latin Jazz and hopefully their continued collaboration will help open new ground to move it into the future.

Release date: April 1st, 2014

Graciously dedicated to the loving memory of
The King of Latin Music Tito Puente.
A gift from Yolanda & Arturo, to honor
Tito's 91st birthday on
April 20th 2014.

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