"Bewitched: Perry Beekman Sings and Plays Rodgers and Hart"

"Bewitched: Perry Beekman Sings and Plays Rodgers and Hart" at The Metropolitan Room, Friday, March 28th 9:30 PM. Featuring Perry Beekman - Vocals & Guitar, Peter Tomlinson Piano, Lou Pappas - Bass

T​he Metropolitan Room
3​4 West 22nd Street
(Btw. 5th and 6th Aves.)
New York, NY 10010

"As a vocalist, Perry Beekman can hold his own with any of his contemporaries. As a guitarist, Perry adds a bit of the New York panache that elevates these classics to a new rarefied level of excellence... Perry Beekman raises his game and with that moves to the very top of the pack in the traditional jazz setting. Bewitched is about as close to perfect as you can find." -Brent Black Critical Jazz

Guitarist, vocalist Perry Beekman is pleased to announce his new project, "Bewitched: Perry Beekman Sings and Plays Rodgers and Hart" @ The Metropolitan Room Friday, March 28th 9:30 PM.

"Bewitched" is the follow up to Perry's 2013 debut release "So in Love: Perry Beekman Sings And Plays Cole Porter." Here's what Perry has to say about his new project:

The collaboration of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart was an unlikely one. Rodgers was organized and businesslike, while Hart was a notoriously unreliable alcoholic. Yet in spite of their divergent personalities, their collaboration produced some of the most beloved entries in the Great American Songbook. I leave it to their contemporaries to elaborate further:

Tuneful and tasty, schmaltzy and smart.
Music by Rodgers, lyrics by Hart." Irving Berlin

It's smooth! It's smart! It's Rodgers! It's Hart!" Cole Porter

The meticulously crafted music of Rodgers combined with Hart's dazzling lyrics to produce over five hundred songs, populating twenty-eight theatrical productions and nine movies. This recording contains fifteen of my favorites, and I hope some of yours too.

The music on this CD is a combination of carefully planned, well-rehearsed arrangements, along with some good old fashioned "blowing." (As we jazz folk like to call improvisation.) My goal has been to create a setting for each tune that helps express its essential nature. Here are some examples of what I mean:

- The enormously clever lyrical phrases of "I Wish I Were in Love Again" come one after another at an alarming rate. They have a percussive quality that led me to the vamp style introduction and accompaniment of the arrangement. In the instrumental break, I tried to mimic the phrasing musically with the guitar and piano.

- I find the melody of "Wait Till You See Her" to be extremely powerful in its simple beauty. So, for the instrumental section, I decided to showcase the melody with Lou's artful bowing over a re-harmonized background provided by Peter and myself.

- I selected the bare bones guitar/voice treatment of "It Never Entered My Mind" to enhance the quality of the song's deeply personal reckoning of love gone wrong.

- My semi-classical, instrumental treatment of "Blue Room" was inspired by the carefully measured intervallic steps of its melody. I envisioned the arrangement as collaboration between Richard Rodgers and J.S. Bach!

As I continue to explore the guitar, piano, bass trio format, new possibilities manifest themselves. I've come to think of my trio as a little big band, and have been trying to expand the palette of musical textures and colors available to explore the great beauty of the timeless classics that we play. (Including, but not limited to using my guitar as a bongo drum!)

Still, let there be no mistake; our goals here are to share the bountiful riches of the extraordinary Rodgers and Hart, swing hard, and to get you tapping your feet and smiling.

Once again, I have the privilege of recording with my working trio, featuring Peter Tomlinson on piano and Lou Pappas on bass. As always, I am greatly indebted to them for their inestimable contributions and commitment.

I am "Bewitched" with this music. I hope that you will be too.

The Selections:

1 I Wish I were in Love Again (2:51)

2 Mountain Greenery (3:33)

3 Wait Till You See Her (2:42)

4 Have you Met Miss Jones (3:39) Instr.

5 Bewitched (5:08)

6 Thou Swell (3:30)

7 It Never Entered My Mind (4:35) Instr./Vocal

8 My Heart Stood Still (3:41)

9 There's a Small Hotel (3:20)

10 Spring is Here (2:58)

11 This Can't be Love (4:21)

12 Blue Room (3:13) Instr.

13 This Funny World (2:51)

14 Falling in Love with Love (3:33)

15 The Lady is a Tramp (5:00)

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