TV Jones Announces Brian Setzer Signature Pickups

Following over 20 years of collaboration, TV Jones Inc. is proud to present the TV Jones Brian Setzer Signature Pickup. Brian Setzer is no ordinary guitar player by any standard. His virtuoso playing encompasses everything from Rockabilly to Swing to Jump Blues to Standards to Jazz to Country to Rock. Listen to any of his recordings and you'll experience a veritable Master Class in modern Pop history. Therefore, his equipment needs go well beyond the norm. To deliver a pickup capable of covering that much ground - while meeting Tom's and Brian's directives of producing an affordable, clean, tight and punchy pickup - was no small task.

The Setzer is derived from Brian's longtime preference for the TV Jones TV Classic the most versatile and popular humbucking pickup in the TV Jones line and with a lineage harking back to Tom's original dissection and study of a certain, famed '59 Filter'Tron which became the reference point for the Classics themselves. From this platform, Tom designed a pickup perfectly suited to Brian's unique sensibilities as a musician.

Rest assured, this is not some "super-charged" or "re-packaged" model. It's a bit more over-the-top than our other Classics, but even with its similarities to the Classics, this is a wholly unique design and a sonic match of the man's persona and musicianship.

The TV Jones Brian Setzer Signature Pickup features a proprietary design, and employs custom-made bobbins and special alloy pole screws that highlight the response of the magnet. This design provides more clarity while producing the punchiest low-end mid response in our Classic line.

The TV Jones Brian Setzer Signature Pickup is available now in our standard NE Mount and our English Mount, (ensuring easy replacement for stock humbuckers.) Finish options include chrome, nickel and gold. Each comes with a custom pickup cover embossed with Brian's signature.

Every one of the pickups are hand-built in the USA, starting at $145.00 (USD) each.

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