Shirazette, Mimi and Camille on The Hang

Bret Primack's YouTube talk show, The Hang, which features one on one interviews, group discussions and master classes, returns this Saturday at Noon, EST with "Shirazette, Mimi and Camille." A trio of young musicians who lead their own group and work together in varying configurations, Shirzette Tinnin, Mimi Jones, and Camille Thurman have just released new recordings on Hot-Tone Records. Tinnin, Jones and Thurman have already established impressive track records as instrumentalists, vocalists, composers and bandleaders and their appearance on The Hang celebrates the rising tide of talented young musicians now emerging on the Jazz scene.

On Saturday, March 8 at Noon, EST, Monk Saxophone Competition winner and Phil Woods protégé alto saxophonist Jon Gordon joins The Hang discuss what happens after winning the Monk competition, and, his first book, "For Sue, " a memoir about his mother, who was involved in the West Coast Jazz scene.

Journalist, Author and Producer Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn will join The Hang on Saturday March 29 at Noon EST for a discussion on her film, "…but can she play, " the first feature film focused exclusively on women sax and brass players in jazz. The full-length narrative-driven feature focuses on the lives and the music of women sax and brass players who are challenging gender biases and influencing the transformation of contemporary American jazz.

"…but can she play?" gives voice to a group of musicians who are largely unseen, and underappreciated, by the public. Further, the film aims to inform and encourage girls toward careers in jazz and bolster initiatives supporting the funding of music education in public schools.

In addition to the filmmaker, guests include baritone saxist Claire Dailey and trumpeter Kiku Collins.

Watch The Hang live on the Jazz Video Guy channel:

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